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  1. Thank you for the tips.I will try things out . By now we have some important media deadlines too so I hope i can give feedback at the end of week.
  2. Hello i hope anyone can help me because i cant really understand the source of my problems , Im using following Setup as Display Computer: W7 64bit Service Pack1 Intel Xeon E5440 @2x 2.83GHz 16Gb ram NVIDIA Quadro FX 1700 4095MB and 512MB Video *************************************** I want to play 7 DIFFERENT Videos on this Display Computer with one Full-HD projector. The reason why i have 7 videos is because i have to map them with the Corners Tween to 7 different canvases. All together they are one full-HD video but they are splitted for the mapping. They got following
  3. Hey guys, is there a good way to reduce the aliasing effect while rotating a rectangle? When i use the corners tween for mapping i get aliasing effects too. Can i reduce this only with higher resolution? Thank you for answers Best Regards John
  4. Hello WO community, first sry for my bad english, i try my best and sry if the topic was discussed before but i did not find a satisfying solution. I'm new to WO and by now i tested most of its features. No my question is: Is there a way to do mapping inside of a single Display Area like common mapping software can do or do i need such a software additionally? My goal is to use only one projector for 3 thin but very high canvases. The canvases are parallel but moved in x and z position. It's clear that i could do this perfectly with three Displays, doing the perspective correcti
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