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  1. Jim, thank you so much for the detailed answer! Steve, thank you for the update. What kind of video interface connection have you used for whose LCD TVs? We have decided to leave DVI connection and it's EDID complications. We've tried DVI - HDMI cable, and it solved the issue.
  2. Hello, guys! Have some issues. I hope you will help me to figure it out... We have Watchpax and wathpax2 and active miniDP to DVI adaptors (which came with Wathchpaxes). We have just bought them. Watchout 6.1 We have next projectors: Panasonic PT-DZ870EL and PT-DZ10KE. Same settings. Watchpaxes are connected via DVI cable. So, if during the show I turn off Panasonic PT-DZ10KE and then turn it back on I see the black ( blank) screen (but sound continues to play). Every time. In Window mode (then I go to Windows Desktop) I have no such problem. After turning off the projector and turning in back on the Windows Desktop is there. If I restart Watchpax, it starts play show. But if I again turn off and then turn of the projector, I see the black screen. With Watchpax and with Watchpax2 I have the same problem. With Panasonic PT-DZ870EL I have no such problem. I would be very grateful for the ideas and suggestions!!!! P.S. I also had same problem years ago with Watchout 4 and mobile pc with DVI output and DVI connection to the projector. Lately I had same problem with Gibabyte Brix (with Watchout 5.5) which was connected to a projector via HDMI - DVI cable (HDMI output from PC and DVI input to the projector)
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