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  1. Many thanks for your reply. Yes, I had tried and checked the things that you mention. The WMV file was just for testing purposes, not a final show file. After a long process of trial and error I found a solution with thanks to WO version 5 after I rolled back my software on the Production and Display PC. Going online with version 5, Windows flashes up a warning message about Watchout being blocked by the Firewall on the Production PC. Clicking accept allows the media file transfer to proceed. The transfer was being blocked even though Watchout was already on the list of apps allowed throu
  2. Sorry, should have added: Production PC - Windows 7 Pro. Display PC (server) - Windows 8.1
  3. I have a bespoke Quad output Display PC which was tweaked by the system supplier, connected to my own build (and previously reliable) Production PC. I have just updated Watchout to latest version on both systems. The network connection appears to be healthy and when I go online with a new presentation the Production PC connects to the Display PC as normal. But it's unable to transfer the media files to the new Shows folder. A string of error messages runs on every attempt (see uploaded image). I've created a number of different test presentations but the problem is obviously a n
  4. Have you tried installing with a BMD HDMI to SDI converter at both ends of the signal path? In other words: WO server W7100 card > DP to HDMI active converter > BMD HDMI to SDI converter > long SDI cable run >BMD SDI to HDMI converter > HDMI to display. Does this hold up?
  5. Four more years! Wonder where we'll be with Windows in 2020?
  6. At the risk of asking a really dumb question, what are the benefits of running Windows 10 for Watchout 6 over Windows 7 Professional? Obviously W7Pro will go end of life at some point.
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