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  1. Many thanks for your reply. Yes, I had tried and checked the things that you mention. The WMV file was just for testing purposes, not a final show file. After a long process of trial and error I found a solution with thanks to WO version 5 after I rolled back my software on the Production and Display PC. Going online with version 5, Windows flashes up a warning message about Watchout being blocked by the Firewall on the Production PC. Clicking accept allows the media file transfer to proceed. The transfer was being blocked even though Watchout was already on the list of apps allowed through the Production PC Firewall. It seems that switching off the Windows Firewall completely on the Production PC is the only way to allow media file transfer. WO version 6 doesn't seem to prompt the same warning response from Windows and your left scratching your head. Especially as Watchout reports ''Network Error; Display Computer: No Response'.
  2. Sorry, should have added: Production PC - Windows 7 Pro. Display PC (server) - Windows 8.1
  3. I have a bespoke Quad output Display PC which was tweaked by the system supplier, connected to my own build (and previously reliable) Production PC. I have just updated Watchout to latest version on both systems. The network connection appears to be healthy and when I go online with a new presentation the Production PC connects to the Display PC as normal. But it's unable to transfer the media files to the new Shows folder. A string of error messages runs on every attempt (see uploaded image). I've created a number of different test presentations but the problem is obviously a network/system setting issue which I just can't unlock?
  4. Have you tried installing with a BMD HDMI to SDI converter at both ends of the signal path? In other words: WO server W7100 card > DP to HDMI active converter > BMD HDMI to SDI converter > long SDI cable run >BMD SDI to HDMI converter > HDMI to display. Does this hold up?
  5. Could you explain how to accomplish this placement of the powerDown command?
  6. Many thanks for the ideas and detailed instructions. We're using a single standalone WO server/display PC for the show here, would that change your recommendations for a controlled shutdown? Our timeline is 50 minutes duration which repeats continuously over a six hour day.
  7. The WO server will be powered on manually each day and a script will start the show running after startup. The show then runs on repeat for around six hours. Were installing in a listed historic building therefore the mains power supply has to be shut-off overnight, so no scope for control the server over a network connection. We can't send commands such as powerDown (I can't find any information about this command in the user manual by the way). The invigilators could just switch the server off at the power supply each night but for obvious reasons I'd prefer to run a controlled shutdown.
  8. I have a standalone, unattended WO6 server in a show. Does anyone have tried and tested recommendations for automated daily shutdown? Windows Task Scheduler? Or a third-party app such as Wise Auto Shutdown perhaps?
  9. Have you tried edge blending two or more outputs from this system? Just wondering if there's any visual sync issue using multiple converters?
  10. Four more years! Wonder where we'll be with Windows in 2020?
  11. At the risk of asking a really dumb question, what are the benefits of running Windows 10 for Watchout 6 over Windows 7 Professional? Obviously W7Pro will go end of life at some point.
  12. The Decimator can also be used as a 1 to 4 distribution amplifier by the way. Thomas - How did you or your friend connect the Watchout display PC to the Decimator? Did you use an active DP to HDMI adapter? In terms of latency, I wonder if this might cause an issue if more than one converter was used on a graphics card. For example on a two screen edge blended projection you might put converters on Display Port output 1 and 2. If the latency was slightly different on each converter the blend could be visually out of sync.
  13. For HDMI to SDI conversion there's also this: http://decimator.com/Products/MiniConverters/MD-HX/MD-HX.html Comes with an optional software control panel to set internal settings. Also features a large set of test patterns.
  14. Based on many years experience of multi-screen video installation from standard definition up to the present day, a coaxial cable always works, a data cable installation works beautifully on some shows and never works properly on others. Nobody want this kind of headache. It may well be that SDI isn't the best option for Watchout based shows for the reasons mentioned above. I'm just posing the question for those who would like to use SDI.
  15. Okay, so as things stand with graphics cards such as the AMD W7100, what would you recommend for conversion to HD/3G SDI?
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