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  1. Hi: What`s the best w10 version for WO 6.2? Thanks!
  2. Thank you very much for your reply, now it's clear for me. regards
  3. Hello: I have 4 watchout v5 licences, i thinking to buy a watchpax, but i don't know if it's compatible or i need upgrade my v5 licences to v6. Thanks!
  4. hello: I am trying to send control commands from watchout 5.3 for the panasonic PTZ21K and can not. You could you help me with this? So far I have done the following: - Disable the administrator password - Send message to port 1024 and 4352 I'm not sure it is properly write the message, could you write me a command to open shutters? We appreciate it if you could help me, I'm a little desperate and I need to send some commands to a show I'm preparing. thank you very much
  5. Hello: I managed to send strings from watchout to the projector, and execute certain commands, but I don't know how to receive the data that the projector sends me. Is this possible?. thanks
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