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  1. Hello! Is it possible to send a String Cue where the Data to Send would be variable? Let me explain : When I want to close the videoprojector's shutter, I'm using a button on my MIDI controller to trigger a task that send the data (SHU 0) to the projector and that works fine. In the same way, I have another button that triggers another task that send (SHU 1) and open the shutter. But when it commes to Lens shift (for example) it's not a two-states control. I use a slider that send 256 values between 0 and 1 and it wouldn't be reasonable to create 256 taskl Is there a solution to make the "
  2. Hello When you say "So fast", do you mean easy to implement or with such a low latency that it could be used for live without any lip sync problems? Thank you
  3. Thank you for your answers, @Alex : Creating a VPN seems hard to me since I may not have total control over the hardware internet link installed on site. I was thinking about a solution like steve did. I've made several tests these days and can confirm it seems to work for what I need. I precise that I'm not trying to develop a project over the internet. I just want to be able to start/stop a show, which could be automated, Check is everything works fine, which should not be necessary. and to restart a computer in case of problem, which should never happen! I use three computers, WO display
  4. Hello! I would like to be able to monitor (or control a show) without being physically on site. My first idea is to install a remote control software like Teamviever or VNC on the producer with an internet connexion so that I can acces it. But I read it is not recommanded : Do NOT use/instal VNC, LogMeIn or similar remote control software, as it will interfere with stable WATCHOUT playback So how could it be possible? Keeping the producer "at home" and connecting the display to the internet? Thank you for your help. Jean-Luc
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