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  1. Figured it would come to that. Problem is that the image is done with a different raid setup. Thank’s for the help.
  2. Do you know what version that would be? My machines have been out on a rental job and the customer had latency problems which they thought would be solved by updating to the latest driver. Now the S400 module won’t indicate house sync lock, amongst other things. AMD only offer drivers as far back as v17 on their page. If i remember right the driver installed was even before v14.
  3. Hi. What version of AMD´s FirePro driver is recommended? Red that WO is using a older version of DirectX that might not be supported in later versions. Tried to get this info from AMD´s page but i failed Running on Watchmax with w7100 and s400 module. //robert
  4. Hi. I'm experiencing a strange problem with a camera feed. (2 x 1080p@50hz, a total of 3560pxl) I' m running pretty standard show with a 2 PJ's blend. In that show i have made a Composition with a PNG and a live camerafeed running 720p@50hz. Using a Auxiliary timeline to animate the comp in and out. For some reason the camerafeed is irregularly staggers. I'm using a Watchmax with a Datapath VisionAV-SDI and a syncmodule connected with a tri-level sync from the vision mixer. Watchout version 6.1.5 Everything is running @ 50hz. I'm using Virtual Displays for a varius of reasons, not sure if that's the problem. Also using one of the Watchmax's four outputs for a "multiviewer" of the SDI and DVI inputs. I don't experience the problem there. Tried turning of the "multiviewer" without any difference. Could the problem be in the composition or the use of virtual displays? Maybe something completely else? //robert
  5. VisualBandits

    h.265 ?

    Hi. Has anyone any experience regarding H265-video in Watchout. Will files coded in H265 ha as high bitrate as HAP-files? I need to use files 5K wide and due to handling of disk space at the producers end i would like to avoid HAP if possible. Ideas? //robert
  6. VisualBandits

    h.265 ?

    Anyone tried it with 6. ?
  7. I´m using both A Korg NanoKontrol (old one with 9 faders) and a Korg NanoKey2. The Key for triggering timelines, the Kontrol faders and knobs for opacity, position, crop etc. Midi-OX for mapping them both. /robert
  8. Just as Sergio i use the Korg NanoKontroller. It lets me keep the live video input on standby witch means it´s on screen instantly as i move the fader to 100%. With "Midioxse" and MidiYoke" installed i´m able to use a Korg NANOKey at the same time where i can map even more triggers. This gives total flexibility. Regards //robert
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