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  1. So I just started playing with Watchnet for the first time and have run into a problem that I am having a hard time finding a solution for. I have been following the video tutorials step by step and have had no issues or errors, up until I try to run a script. Whenever I try to run any type of script, I get the logged error "Not authorized for: gotoControlCue". What would you recommend I should try to communicate with the cluster? My subsystem is online and my .wob show file has been uploaded with no problem. Any guidance would be much appreciated.
  2. Hello, I just finished installing version 5.5 and everything looks awesome. I'm especially interested in the new URL Image Proxy feature. I'd love to have a URL-based image in my show, but am having trouble figuring out how exactly to network a live internet connection within my local connection to my display computers. Is there a specific way that you would recommend? Thanks, Jeremy
  3. UPDATE - I installed Flash CS6, and the built-in flash player allowed me to access the SWF through Dynamic Image Server. Unfortunately, even though I have the DIS and Production towers immediately connected via Cat6 (not over a public network), and both computers are capable of playing and displaying my SWF file smoothly, the SWF animation as it is pumped through the DIS is very jittery and slow. Does anyone know a way to increase my bandwidth in Watchout so that it can receive the incoming file smoothly? Thanks in advance! -Jeremy
  4. I have a flash player installed in my browser (Chrome), and it works great when I open it in that. Is there a different flash player you would recommend? Thanks! -Jeremy
  5. Hi, I've successfully established a connection between my Production machine (running 5.3.1) and my Dynamic Image Server (running 5.2, on separate machine). I am able to upload images through the server and put them on my displays. I am having trouble running .SWF files through the Dynamic Image server, though. Every time I try to configure a new DIS Media, I receive this general error message: "From Dynamic Image "[filename]" of Media List, 2012-19-12 10:59:51" I configured my presentation according to the Watchout Cookbook Clock Tutorial, as well as Uploading With A Browser.
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