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  1. Maybe a small advantage of Datapath, If you use E2s, E1s or similiar VisionCards, you would have only one driver/app in your DisplayPC, otherwise 2 different driver/app. The major rule of composing A PC, less programs, less complexity as you can. I think we need a suggestion from Jonas, if it is a small pro for SDI2, or negligible... Kilic
  2. One more thing, it is actually not a feature request but a missed function. In stage tier menü, there exists only Add Tier, and Rename 1 Remove Tier is not there..., when you work with many tiers and want to cancel one of them, it is very confusing since it always remain there, so i rename it like " Removed" or similiar.. There exists also no dublicate name control of Rename, you can have many copies of "Base"... Kilic
  3. Hi, I request a couple of features to add in upcoming revisions/versions. 1 GUI Bigger start and play/pause buttons option in the task window, in order to run production in windows based tablet/touchscreen PCs also good for the old users with eye glasses like me 2 Control Cues 2A A global option like "Disable Control Cues" When this option is selected all the control cues except "Stop" will be disabled, no pause no jump ; it would be great if this feature would be update independent (This feature can also be enabled/disabled via external control, like a midi controller button, and the status can be viewed in status window. This can be achieved in a way by "Condition" maybe, not checked if condiiton setting of a layer also disable control cues or not. 2B Soft Jump/Jump&Run For example timeline is running or paused, when you click to a different timeposition + Ctrl,(Or a cue in different time position) you jump to that position in fade, fade can be same as the standby enter/exit rate, or can be determined independently in preferences GUI. When you click to another time position while Ctrl & Shift pressed, same as above but this time not only jump with fade, but run after %50 fade delay. 3 Entry Level Morph If the geometry correction feature development still in progress, time based geometry correction may be also added. So we can have simple morph functionality, and also spherize,bulge effect and similiar. I guess it is not so easy in a short time, but in the initial phase, it can be first "display based", second "cue based (Only in non overlapping single display)" and at the end entirely. I think this feature requires some major version. 4 Tween f unction; Not only with math op. but also logical expressions; If faderA > 0.5 then TweenValue + faderB*100 else TweenValue + faderB*200 (Just an example) With logical expressions we can achieve too much variations with limited Inputs. Thanks, Kilic
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