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  1. Maybe a small advantage of Datapath, If you use E2s, E1s or similiar VisionCards, you would have only one driver/app in your DisplayPC, otherwise 2 different driver/app. The major rule of composing A PC, less programs, less complexity as you can. I think we need a suggestion from Jonas, if it is a small pro for SDI2, or negligible... Kilic
  2. One more thing, it is actually not a feature request but a missed function. In stage tier menü, there exists only Add Tier, and Rename 1 Remove Tier is not there..., when you work with many tiers and want to cancel one of them, it is very confusing since it always remain there, so i rename it like " Removed" or similiar.. There exists also no dublicate name control of Rename, you can have many copies of "Base"... Kilic
  3. Hi, I request a couple of features to add in upcoming revisions/versions. 1 GUI Bigger start and play/pause buttons option in the task window, in order to run production in windows based tablet/touchscreen PCs also good for the old users with eye glasses like me 2 Control Cues 2A A global option like "Disable Control Cues" When this option is selected all the control cues except "Stop" will be disabled, no pause no jump ; it would be great if this feature would be update independent (This feature can also be enabled/disabled via external control, like a midi controller button, an
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