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  1. With WO 5.2 the "HDMI" setting worked for Datapath instead of "RGB" (which stopped working after one firmware update).
  2. I usually DO provide input before startup either by usage of a switcher or EDID tool like DVI Detective and restart the display computers after every resolution changes. I mean, I'll try that once again to make sure I did all of the above, but I think that is not going to work, though. Any other random options You might think of?
  3. Hi, Just recently I've noticed a bug concerning Watchout and the abovementioned capture card: With 1080p60 capture format the colour quality of the input gets diminished - the colours diverge, there are pixel-size off-colour spots and the overall perceived image quality and resolution drops. The problem is only visible when the input goes through WO (with no scalling or warps enabled) - when viewed through capture card's input preview everything is fine. The problem occurs with resolutions of 1080p and higher. The slot is 4x, my WO version is 5.5.2 and I installed the lates
  4. Thanks for the advice. I will check that durring this week and give You feedback if it helped.
  5. It's not a specific issue that occured once, but the problem is recurrent with various codecs and bitrates - usually H.264 either mov or mp4, bitrates from 12Mbit to 25Mbit, framerates usually 25fps. Specs are in my signature.
  6. Hey, Got this one problem with my system that occurs every now and then: When I play video files, the video stutters on the displays after few seconds, jumping every five seconds to another frame (regardless if in main timeline or in a task, wheather free running or going along the timeline - chcecked all of the options in different configurations). In preview window of Production it plays without any problems. I would think that it's a codec thing in the specific video, but the odd thing is that when I check the "looping" option in cue options the stutter is gone and the video plays s
  7. It would be nice that You could have the possibility to apply wipes or opacity values automation to task. Would make my life much easier if I could just havew a possibility to set a property in Task property window with wipe type, time and settings like that instead of having to copy a tween track on each layer in a task. Would be grateful for that for sure.
  8. Use progressive input. Changing 1080i25 to 720p50 or 59.94 works wonders.
  9. As far as I tried my Datapath Vision RGB ES2 DVI input card needs about 2 seconds to initialise video feed. Provided the computer is properly optimized. On slower machines I'd get even more. If You don't have your feed running all the time in background (e.g. with opacity) you'll have to set the transition after the initialisation takes place - for me it's usually after 2-3secs. But it needs experimentation. Depends on the resolution and source type also, I guess.
  10. The best way for perfect black is the projectors shutter. I'd simply connect them to watchout switch with RJ45 cable and send "shutter close" command via TCP/IP output when picture goes completely black. Of course, if projectors allow for it.
  11. Are you sure that Windows doesn't see it or it just isn't visible on Watchout itself? Have you checked Device Manager for that?
  12. Hi, What I'd also find very useful concerning the Full geometry correction mode is some kind of feedback on the corrected display. Sometimes I get really confused not knowing exactly which point of the image I'm correcting especially when much precision is needed. Are there any chances of seeing that soon?
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