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  1. I also have issues with camera signal 1080p25. No signal i WO. I have the latest driver for BlackMagic, but consider to downgrade. Why is it so that WO can't use the latest driver? I also experience difficulties to find the right resolution settings in Watchout. I have a monitor that tells me what type of signal I have, but in some cases I need different settings in Watchout?!? So my result with the Decklink Quad 2 card: Marshall camera with output 1080p25 -Not working in Watchout (tested all the input possibility) Panasonic camera with output 1080i50 - Needs 1080i25 in WO to work. 1 sec delay... Canon camera with output 720p50 - Works wiht same resolution in WO. No delay JMC MultitoSDI scaler output 1080i60 - Needs 1080i30 in WO to work. 1 sec delay... In Blackmagic Express all camera signals working perfectly with no delays. What is it with Wathout and Blackmagic? We also have a display system at the main stage with Decklink Quad which I had to downgrade the driver to let it work in Wathout, or else I only get one signal working. Klaus K.
  2. Well, case solved. I had to uninstall the BlackMagic drivers and install an older version. Ver 10.3 from november 2014. So it seems that the newest drivers from BlackMagic in win7 enviroment doesn't work with Watchout. Klaus K.
  3. Hi. I have installed a new pc with win7 Pro and a Blackmagic Decklinc Quad capture card. The capture card is working in Media Express. All inputs. One detail: it seems that the capture card in Media Express is using a bit time before the picture appears. On a different mediaserver software (Isadora from TroikaTronix) I have all the 4 inputs active at the same time. But in Watchout I only get input from a Panasonic camera. The signal from the camera is 1080 50i, but I get picture even if I change the settings for video standard in Live Video. I have two Marshall cameras. They output 1080 25p signal, but I don't get a picture in any of the capture card inputs. I also have a Teradek Bolt system which I don't get a picture from. I've tested the signal on a sdi monitor, where I also get confirmed what video standard they give. I've tried all the different settings in video standard for all of the cameras. But no result. The signal from the Panasonic camera works fine on every input. But the other cameras won't give a picture in Wathout. In Media Express and in Isadora, I have the pictures from all cameras. The card is installed on a PCIe slot with 16x speed. What is wrong here? I've used this setup with great success before. The only difference is that I have upgraded the pc hardware. Best Klaus Kottmann National Theatre in Oslo
  4. Hello. Does anybody experienced some issues with the Blackmagic Quad capture card? Every inputs works perfectly, but when I use all of them at the same time on the timeline, its just flashing between the input signals for some seconds, and then nothing. When I go back in timeline where I only use one of the input, it works.... Best Klaus K.
  5. Thanks. I'm I right if I overlap the displays in different tiers it will not edgeblend? Or do I turn off edgeblend in a different way? And pre-splitting the movie will have the same effect? Klaus
  6. Hello. I have a project where we are going to project 3 2K-projectors with edgeblend on a screen sized 50m x 10m. They also need live input HD-SDI. Because of the demand lowest frame delay as possible, I was thinking of combine the Watchout system with a Ascender 48 from Analog Way. It manage to have 4 outputs in 2K, so my idea is to send 3 outputs from Watchout in 2K resolution. Make the edgeblend in Watchout, use it as a background in the Ascender with content playback an have the possible to use PiP with live video on the background. Does anyone have experience to combine those two systems? Will I manage to do this in that way or is it a lot of pitfalls? Best Klaus K Projection and system designer
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