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  1. Agreed. I have a feeling they are forced to do a pretty large re-write to get to 64 bit. And this will require lots of internal testing before we see anything like a public beta. Once we do, It will be interesting to see if the product has actually gained significant features and improvements matching the competition, the todo-list is getting pretty long Have to say Disguise did a pretty good job of dazzeling us with all sorts of webinars during this shutdown. As I have said for years. i think a road map or at least something like uservoice.com, or maybe just a trello board would
  2. Just for the record, we have had this issue on two occasions with a Watchmax W9100 (from late 2018) running the latest version of Watchout and 3 out 1920 x 1080 No error messages anywhere. Just went black in the middle of the show, and then came back up when we rebooted two times.
  3. We had the same issue. setup was Watchmax 4 outputs. 1 output was not connected. This message started to pop up all the time. Deleted the output that was not connected, and the message went way Never seen it before 6.5
  4. Aha. That explains it. I would say that this is a obvious feature request then, I don't see why the end-user should do this house keeping. Thanks
  5. Halla Have no idea what the problem is, and it is possible that the code means something else in WO, but "3221225477" is "C0000005" in hex, and that is the general code for a memory access violation on windows. If you are able to also find the memory address from the logs, Dataton should be able to figure out where in the code the error happened. (Given that it happened in their code) - I mellomtida oppretter vi ei karantenesone ved carl Johanns gate og ber til video-gudane at problemet holder seg på di side av gata.
  6. Hi Is there a way to have the display computer delete unused media? In the project I use "Select unused media" function, then click delete. I would assume that since live update is on, or when I press ctrl+d it would also remove these files from the display computer. But when I remote desktop in to the Watchmax, the show uses 305GB allthough it is only 125GB on the production machine. Maybe there is something wrong with our setup, or am I doing this the wrong way ?
  7. Hi If you change layer conditions in preferences, you have to do an update for the changes to take effect. Auto update does not seem to work with conditions. If this is a feature please say so in the manual, the natural thing would be that auto-update took care of this.
  8. True, that is a great way to solve it. Give virtual displays some of the same options as normal displays. masks and geometry and we are good to go. Would be a very powerful feature in my opinion.
  9. Thank you for clearing that up. I have not been able to make a moving 3dobject edge blend (yet) As for the scenario with the moving set piece, yes we could use two shows, but what if there where 5 positions, then we need 5 shows, and the workflow perspective this becomes a nightmare. I conclude that this is a missing feature in watchout, hoping it will be addressed in version 7. As of now, I'm testing a setup using virtual displays to make the different overlaps and using a "gradient wipe tween" to do the edge blend, and corners tween to do geometry.
  10. Yes. but only once pr "show" So I can not have one mask, then fire a cue and have another mask in order to react to scene changes?? Maybe an example will explain it better: This watchout demo video: https://www.dataton.com/academy-video-watchout-6-3d-mapping-with-multiple-projectors What if the car had two positions on stage during a performance... I did see a demo video with the dataton house rotating around its centre axis, what about X/Y/Z movement??
  11. Hi We use watchout in theatre and there is one big roadblock the comes up from time to time. As far as I know, the edgeblend, masks, geometry correction etc. is locked, so you have one setting pr show. How would you solve this simple scenario; 2 front projectors edge blend on a large wall/cube or whatever on stage. Then mid-show, this wall/cube is moved 5 meters upstage or downstage. Now, edge blend and warping is messed up. In most other software, we would be able to solve this in the mapping section (qlab has surfaces, resolume can do it, and so on), but I c
  12. For future reference: Got some information back from Dataton support (Thanks) The card works with WO, the C900 groups the 9 outputs into three actual displays. So, if I understood correctly, 9 x (1920x1080) is actually 3 x (5760x1080).
  13. Hi Has anyone tried this card yet? We are looking for a solution to control a 3x3 video wall from watchout, on a single computer. And would like to know if the C900 would solve this?
  14. Hi Thought I would share this little utility we created to help program WO using Midi Show Control. It is a little app that we run on the production machine that shows all incoming MIDI cues. This way we can see what cue the light desk is at, and easily link up our control cues in WO. Here it is, hope you find it useful. http://audiostrom.com/?page_id=5493
  15. So, I just tested this in a real show, that I got a report had fired a message to soon. The message and the pause cue was 0,024 apart. Running at 60 fps that is about 1.4 frames space. The strange thing is that I have other cues with 0,013 apart, and they seem fine. have moved many of them just to be safe, but since I don|'t understand the logic behind this, I don't want to make rushed changes. so what is the deal here?
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