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  1. I would like to set input variables using TCP. This works as expected when controlling the entire show from the TCP session (load and run). If the show is started using WatchNet, the TCP session doesn't seem to get authenticated correctly. Sending "authenticate 1" results in "Ready "6.4" "WATCHPOINT" "Windows" true" but any command after that returns "Not authorized for:<command>" Is there any other authentication level that should be used for setting Inputs when the show is controlled by WatchNet?
  2. I would love to have some form of surround mixing within Watchout, where each channel of a stereo or mono wavefile (or other sound source) can be outputed on all channels. Each clip could have it's own set of volume sliders for each channel. The left channel of an mp3 could be played at 100% on the left output channel, at 30% on the left surround channel and 0% on all other channels. I know this can be done using multichannel wave files mixed in Audacity but it would be a huge improvment to be able to do simple mixing in Watchout. Even better would be a sound position tween, but I know this is
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