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  1. OK, but I was still working with WO3 last season ! I did use WO4 sometimes last year but did'nt noticed this remote access (to be honnest I did, but I never selected the display in the stage window before to try the manage computer command...) By now I have 4 new WO5 licenses . I must say this remote access works great !
  2. I also had some issues with license key last week on my two very new computers , fixed this using startup delayer, working great ! But Tommov, please, where did you find this patch for the codemeter software ?
  3. Ok it's a miracle ! Tried today this fantastic remote access ! @jfk: I will follow your advice.
  4. Thanks a lot cowboyclint ! As i always say "Read the F****** Manual" I feel so stupid now! I will uninstall Vnc today .
  5. OK, I do agree using VNC may interfer with WO. By now, you can not network manage a display computer only using Watchout. You only can do an ON/OFF. If I need to change graphical resolution, or something else, on a distant display, Without any screen, any keyboard, any mouse, how do I do? At least, I must be very trustfull in Watchout display autostart and nothing goes wrong... if not, I ain't got the hand on the display computer, and so what ? Shutter? Can we really call "manage display computer" something that only allow you to shut down or on a computer? I'm sorry and don't want to be "désagréable"
  6. Thanks a lot Walter. Actually, I cannot try this soft, but i'mpretty certain it will do the job. In fact , I lend this Watchout system to a "newbie" user , and this is the reason I need the autostart of watchpoint on the display computer. (ordinary I use vnc to get control on my displays units) When I met this dongle problem at autostartup, first thing i thought was " Why can't we choose for an order and time in msconfig startup programs" At least we can do it with this soft. So thanks a lot !
  7. Hello, I did upgrade to W5.3 last week. Every thing goes well if I run the display computer and then start watchpoint manually. However, when I autorun watchpoint at display computer startup, an error occured "licence key not found" .Not all the times, but sometimes. It looks like watchpoint autorun goes faster than the display computer recognise the dongle ... I had a look to the "windows tweaking list" found on this forum: The only thing i did'nt at W5.3 installation was forcing dongle installation in every USB ports. May this explain the problem ? Thanks for your help.
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