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  1. @johnyjohn yes Magewell makes a great line of products that are primarily "plug and play". If you are not using the WIN 10 OS on your machine, I am not sure how the new driver sets from Magewell will work.
  2. Through a lot of testing, and I'm still not done yet, I've found that the video codec to use is HAP across the board. Depending on your hardware you can get up to 16 4K 60 videos playing where as the other formats are all 10 and below. Prores is actually playing better these days as Dataton has been writing and in control of the decoder instead of purchasing it from a 3rd party vendor (most of the other codec are handled this way).
  3. You can always start your search here: https://showsage.com/affiliates/ This is a list of persons and companies that Show Sage has trained and or dealt with. The people that you come into contact with may be able to point you to other persons as the list is only people/ companies that have asked to be put on the list.
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