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  1. Thanks a lot. It worked fine for me ! best regards
  2. Hello, could you please tell us more about your settings : - do you use the computer's IP or the file sharing IP (provided on file sharing control panel) ? - How do you specify your file sharing login in watchout ? - should I change the screen number to 1 ? thanks for your answer Benoit Pitaud / Xavier Boyer Lyon opera House
  3. Hello, thank you for paying attention to our feedback ! - First, I would really appreciate an insert mode : today, to insert a media between two others in the timeline, you need to slide every other further (ctrl-E + media shift), set your cursor at the end of the previous media drag and drop your new media, and slide back the next medias to adjust the junction. It is easy to di this automatically, with an insert function, like those you have on Final Cut for example. The choice between inserting and replacing would be the point you drag and drop to : to the center of a media => rep
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