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  1. Since Watchout is able to listen to incoming MIDI cue triggers from something such as a lighting console, how about the ability to see all incoming MIDI numbers? Lets say the lighting console sending out cues 1,2,3,4 and 5, but Watchout only has a matching cue 1 and 5. I would like to have a little window that shows me any incoming MIDI data. That way I'd see 2, 3 and 4 go by before we hit cue 5 which triggers the next WO cue.
  2. I'm not exactly sure how this will play out, but I wonder if the HAP codec is going to be effected by this.
  3. I picked up a gaming computer with Windows 10 installed with the hope of making it into an additional display computer, but I am getting the "Operating System Error: - 2147467259 unspecified error; Too complex effects" error. I've never encountered this before. Any thoughts? Zak
  4. I'd love the ability to have a window within the Watchout interface that would give me live feedback regarding what MIDI cue number is coming in. As we all know, Watchout can be driven via MIDI from a lighting console to take cues. If your control cue matches the incoming MIDI cue, it'll make your cue fire. So for example, if I have a control cue labeled 4 and another labeled 7, cue 4 will fire when the LX console sends MIDI cue 4. Nothing will happen when the LX console sends cues 5 and 6, and then it'll trigger cue 7 with MIDI cue 7. It would be great to have feedback as to what num
  5. Occasionally during a multi-display show, I want to run the same looping clip on each display but offset the timing for one of them. Lets say for example it is something like rolling clouds. I want to use the same clip on each screen but offset the timing for one of them so it appears as two different clips (In my business, there usually isn't enough time to actually create two separate files). When I change the "in time" of a free-running, looping clip, it restarts the loop at the new in time. So if I have a 20 second clip and I change the in time to 5 seconds, it'll always chop the first
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