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Found 1 result

  1. Here's my gear 3- m91p Lenovo pc small form factors 1- grand ma small lighting board I am using the Ndf timecode file provided on the wo 5 key flash drive to send tc To a small grand ma light board for cues. I have 3 display pc's 1 is sending video out over dvi to 2 christie hd10k-m projectors 2- are sending out video over hdmi output to two groups of led monitors playing the same video file And they need to have audio play back with video on the led screens. The client wants to have light cues to go along with video. I want to use the production pc to send the timecode audio to the light board. I have the video which right now has the audio embedded on the main timeline and the timecode two layers underneath it on the main time line. I have pulled the speaker icon for the timecode out of all the 1920x1080 displays on the stage and just have it sitting in the stage window. Everything is fine timecode only coming out on production pc and the audio from the video coming out only on the displays. However I can still hear the videos audio playing back on the production machine as well as the timecode sound. And this is causing the light board to drop the timecode audio. How do I make it so the audio from the videos placed in the displays on the stage only go out to the display machines and is not heard on the production machine? Only the timecode sound comes out on the production is what I need to do without stopping the audio going out to the display machines. Thanks ahead of time for any and all help
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