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Found 8 results

  1. Hi there, I'm having some trouble on a fixed install with a Windows 10 Touch PC running watchnet to control timelines in a cluster of 2 Watchpax 4's. This server is also running a schedule to turn on the system in the morning and shut it down at the end of the day. Sometimes the server loses its connection to the watchpaxes or something and thus the system doesn't start up/shut down. I keep getting these WorkManager errors in the server window, sometimes directly on startup, sometimes after a few hours. I attached the log file, the first 2 lines are the 2 watchpaxes losin
  2. WATCHNET 1.4 has been released and you can download it here. There has been massive improvements increasing reliability and stability. The major highlights are: It is now possible to configure and connect to Production Computers and control them just like WATCHOUT clusters from panels and scripts. The text panel item has been enhanced and now includes a dynamic text option which enables WATCHOUT input values and current time of Main/Aux Timelines to be displayed on the text item. A selection of well-known protocols for controlling external devices are now shipped with the WATCHNET installa
  3. Hi All, Has anybody had problems where by Watchnet (4.2) does not locate to the correct Cue from a script? Works fine from a button direct to Watch out (6.2.2).But not from a script? Checked for duplicate cues, clears the cache, remade the script, remade the Cue.... Shane
  4. Hey guys! i thought i would try and use watchnet to control my production software, but as soon as i enable the UDP control in Watchout Production i get an error message over and over saying [Error 7 0 "Unrecognized Command: Discover"] and there is no info or control in Watchnet.. i know that, because i am using watchout 5.5.2 with watchnet 1.4, production computers won't show up in the network inside Watchnet, but controlling them should still be possible, right? Anyone have any idea as to what i'm doing wrong? there's no firewall in the production Comp
  5. Hello Forum! Having a little project where I need to create a custom GUI for some well known single-board computers to do things. I would like to use WATCHNET for this, but I need to send SSH commands from it to get those boards to do what I want them to do. I couldn't figure out how to do this yet, as there are no user credential options in the protocols and commands sections... Any suggestions? Or is it simply not possible from within WATCHNET? Thanks
  6. I'm doing a museum install and I have a very simple timeline with 6 videos and one audio track, The museum would like to control certain functions with a cell phone through WATCHNET software and one piece of media in particular they would like to control is the volume of the only audio file being played. I know I need a give the audio tween a formula, but I'm not sure what is a formula for controlling the volume. I also need to create a slider on the WATCHNET computer to connect the volume. I have been reading the documentation and I cant find anything solid to help me with wording o
  7. Hello, this is a question/feature request. Do you consider a possibility to run watchnet as windows service? Do you have any experience with turning watchnet in to the windows service by some third party software? Do you think it would work? Because it would make sense, as watchnet is kind of server application and if you connect remotely to the computer with watchnet you have to restart when you leave. And the computer have to be configured to log in user and start watchnet automatically. Or do you have any better approach / procedure? Thank you for any advice
  8. Hello, I restarted machine with watchnet 1.3 and the watchnet showed me tab with "Please specify system administrators password (login name is admin)" message, after I did that the watchnet settings were completly empty (scripts, panels etc.). So I looked to WATCHNET_Data folder a there were these files: Spec_bad_5436064718646872249 Cache_bad_2118567053780715942 Spec Cache Do you have any experience with such behaviour? Or what do you think could be the problem? Thank you for answer, Jakub
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