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Found 2 results

  1. 2 questions for working in 3D space and Mapping in Watchout... 1- I am working with 2 - 3D walls and I am wondering if there is a precise way to set the distance between the walls in the 3D stage window of Watchout? Currently it looks like the units are pixels? Is there a specific pixels per foot that the stage window is calculating? 2- With these two walls I want to be able to map to the US wall and the DS wall and then map to both. If each wall is its own 3D object and I create a virtual screen for each wall, is mapping to both with 1 image as simple as making a 3rd virtual screen that covers the space of both walls? Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks, Joe
  2. Hello, i need help with a 3d model of a pyramid shape i'm working on. i created the model with Cinema 4d. i made a virtual display's that assigned to each side of the triangle. the problem is, that wathcout is cutting the side corners of the image, the parts that are outside of the pyramid. i want the image to be warped into the pyramid side, so if i put one image that fills all the virtual display, it will look like a wide image across the pyramid sides. if anybody can help with it, please reply... thanks, Guy.
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