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Found 2 results

  1. Good Day, I'm currently working on a scenario using 3d projector, where 2 .obj are used on 1 projector (car and floor) I would like to know or if it is possible to calibrate 2 or more .obj files from one 3D projector separately? or maybe assign one 3d projector to individual .obj? PS: This project was done and we've used different mapping software but I would really want to know if WO is also capable of this thing. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hello I have a large mapping project coming up. We have been doing extensive tests on a 1/10th scale model of the scenic piece. I have mapped on cars in the past using the 3d OBj technique. So I am familiar with the approach. However I am finding it very difficult to align my projections to the set. I can align some of the projection but not completely snapped perfectly. I spend hours tuning the projections and find It less than perfect all the time I find I don't always understand what calibration points interact with what. I am not able to isolate small areas and lock them in place without skewing the projection some where else. I am wondering if other users have tips and tricks for doing this. How can i use the numbers in the position window to my advantage better. We are hitting the set piece with 2 4K 35000 lumen projectors. I am unable to attach a rendered png of the object but it is a series of "boxes" with a 11 by 20 flat screen inserted. Any tips are welcome Ben Chaisson Lead Watchout engineer FMAV central Branch Toronto
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