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Found 11 results

  1. Has anyone successfully projection mapped a 3d object with a minimum of 2 projector, then rotated the real world object and linked the rotation to the 3d model rotation tween layer in Watchout while keeping the mapping calibration? Would this work? A typical example would be a car on a revolve, 3d projection mapped from 2 projectors, the revolve would be turning slowly. The encoded positional data of the revolve would be linked to the rotation tween track for the model of the car in WO so the model mimicked the position of the actual car. Would the initial projector calibration stay valid
  2. I'm interested in hearing about practical cases of success using Watchout's 3D in instances using multiple projectors to achieve physical curves. I'm aware of several instances, including some of my own where attempts to use 3D has failed terribly when curves and multiple projectors have been involved. The models have all been completely accurate, both derived from scans of objects, or accurate drafting. Lenses have also ranged from .38 throws to 1.0. Has anybody had any luck achieving this? If so, what made it possible? Is anyone using Watchout 3D at all? If so- how are you us
  3. Hi, I am just playing around with videos as textures on an imported 3DS object in WO 6.1.4 (production only) and noticed, that the video I am applying has audio, which I can not turn off anywhere. I know I can get rid of the audio and import that clip again. Just wondering how to do that inside WO. Even turning off "Play Audio Media" in the Preview menu does not mute it. And there is no Volume-tween I can apply. Feature-request or Big-fix.... cheers. U
  4. Hello all. I'm a newbie here so I apologise if this question has an obvious answer or has already been answered in a different thread. I've looked at the tutorials on the Watchout website and I still cannot answer my question. So.... Is it possible to map multiple objects individually or would they all need to be in the same 3D model. For example if I had an object centre stage, one stage left and one stage right. Could I then reposition these objects and realign the maps accordingly. Again, apologies if this is obvious. I'm trying to workout if Watchout would be right for my p
  5. We are going to buy 5 new projectors mounted vertically with edge blending. How do WatchOuts 3D functionality working with 3D-projektors?
  6. Hi all, Is it possible to tile a texture over a 3d object in Watchout 6? Thanks for any help! -Tim
  7. Hi Just stumbled over something, that might be a bug, or maybe something in Watchout that's working in another way. I've been working with 3D graphic for over 20 years, and normally when you move an object forward in the Z axis, it wil get in front of other objects, with less value in the Z position. Just discovered it works the other way round in Watchout. I've ceated a task, and placed 2 objects. One in layer 1 and one in layer 4. Switched to Z-depth stacking order on both objects. I couldn't figure out why I didn't work, until I reversed the values. Then it worked. Is that a bug or a fe
  8. Having issues mapping textures to 3D objects in Watchout 6. Not sure of the exact workflow hear, but I can't seem to UV map the textures properly on objects. I think I'm missing a step. I've watch all the videos I can find regarding this. But nothing demonstrates a solution. Does anyone here know how to do this? What 3D applications are you guys using? I'm using Maxon Cinema4D - Broadcast R16.
  9. Hi, my name is Ademar from Brazil, we work with the watchout for corporate and medical events, we have a demand for medical surgeries play in 3d for an audience, imagine a passive system with polarizers in projectors, question, is the most suitable system? I could not understand how the 3d menu in preferences works, would be applied to passive 3d projections as I intend to do? Could someone please give me a help? thanks.
  10. As the market change ('cause that's what final customers ask for) Capable 3d and mapping softwares are more and more used for performances, And now working with media files made "in point of view" of the projectors, even with the grid warp deformation of watchout or of projector become difficult and very long to setup, with very complicated mapping shows. the time between setup a system and the show itself has shorten. these days production companies rent a hall, convention center rooms, for 2 or 3 days . 1st day is setup of evrything, video, watchout etc...and rehearsals the same da
  11. I just received some content that is set up for side by side playback on a 3D TV. Is it simply a matter of doubling the x scale and overlaying on separate tiers? Thanks, Clint
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