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Found 7 results

  1. Hi there, I'm trying to playback a quicktime video with 5.1 audio. Are there any specific audio interfaces that are required to do this? I'm using a Yamaha TF mixer over USB. The Yamaha TF device is recognized in Watchout and detects 34 playback channels, but I don't get any audio. Any help is appreciated.
  2. Hello everybody I have a question , I want to play a DVD and the audio in 5.1 channels directly from watchout , this is possible ? thank you for your help sorry for my english, Im from México. ---------------------------------------- buenas tardes, tengo una pregunta, quiero reproducir un dvd a 5.1 canales directamente de watchout, esto es posible? gracias por su ayuda
  3. Hello, i'm having troubles running Wav Extended 5.1 in watchout using optical audio cable. When i play it the first frame makes a pop noise. Any idea whats wrong. I already checked the audio card and updated the firmware. Thank you.
  4. Anyone out there available to help me with an audio question. I have 5.1 enabled in my 'Realtek' audio controls in the display machines control panel. I've tested the outputs and verified the audio. Now, my question is; how do you asscociate the proper display on my 4 head card to the proper audio output? These outputs are not numbered (instead they read - Side, Sub, Rear, Out etc...) I have v5 running ATI FirePro V7900. I have a WAV test file. However there arent ANY options in Watchouts GUI that allow me to direct what Audio file gets tied to what TRS output. I can drag the file to the screen I want.... but how do I configure the file to play over a single channel? My set up is one display machine feeding 3 seperate trade show booths. Each booth needs a discreet audio send. I was advised to use my 5.1 TRS outs to send the (3) different feeds... however this does not seem very intuitive. What am I missing? Time sensitive - I have a show tomorrow and have not been able to work this out. J3
  5. Hello- I was wondering if WO5.1 is capable of delivering two live inputs from a single computer using the Blackmagic Decklink Duo [ http://goo.gl/cWTVL ] card? Normally we run the single input version of that card and have no problem pulling up the live input for display. Recently we put in the Duo variant and when we attempted to toggle both inputs live at once both displays begin to blink in and out. If I toggle the inputs one at a time they function correctly, the problem only exists when both are on simultaneously. I've tried a few different input/output formats for the Decklink but currently am testing with 720p60 to make things as easy as possible. Output from WO is otherwise normal and I've verified this by placing a normal media asset behind the live inputs and can view it properly while the inputs blank in/out infront of it. System Specs: Watchout 5.1 OS: Win7-64 SP1 (all updates) Video: Asus 6970 [ http://goo.gl/rsbIk ] / Catalyst 12.1 Motherboard: Asus P8Z68-V Pro (FW 1101) I'm happy to provide any other info useful in figuring this out. Thanks! -Ryan
  6. Hi, We have a Display PC WO 5.1 (Win 7x64, Mobo Asus P8Z68-V Pro, Radeon 6950 Graphics) and the thing is that I don't get any Sound out of my Display PC when it's playing videos. Although the sound plays in quicktime (and windows media player as well) on this PC outside of watchout. When I Play Audio Files on this Display PC I do get sound out of watchout. I also tried various USB sound cards (the sound output of the blackmagic card too) and it is always the same. So the same files obviously play in quicktime (e.g. AAC track within the video) and windows media player but not in watchout. I know I Can play the sound over my Production Laptop but I am tired of this cause after programming I would like to turn the Preview to Thumbnails for performance issues. thanks for your advise I know that someone in this forum can tell me where my "Videosound switch ON" is buried.
  7. I recently updated my systems to watchout 5.1 and I am not able to play all 6 channels of audio. Previous to updating to watchout 5.1, I used a test file from Showsage on my system with Watchout 3.4.2 and I was able to get all 6 channel to play from the onboard audio card. I also tested the audio file with a an external USB sound card (Soundblaster X-FI) and that also worked with watchout 3.4.2. I installed Watchout 5.1 and now I only get 2 channel stereo. I did not change any hardware or drivers on the display systems. Wondering what needs fixing. Any suggestions?
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