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Found 4 results

  1. I have some problems with a time schedule in WATCHOUT. It is meant to start playing content at 7 AM and stop at 6 PM, and it worked for a while but now it just plays around the clock and the triggers doesn't work. When I looked at the WATCHOUT LOG it says that the error is: Auxiliary timeline not found. (look at attached picture). Im new to WATCHOUT and this forum so the answer might be very clear for some. Thank you.
  2. Hello again, I'm successfully running a 5k (5120x3840) video on a videowall (4 x 4 outputs via mini-DP to active DP to HDMI). The master is a ProRes video. I tried the following formats: WMV9- did not work, wouldn't even play. H264- behaved fine except when it reached the cue to jump to the beginning, the show would hang (however, I only tested the default settings). MPEG2- worked 'fine'. The thing is: only Handbrake is able to transcode/output at this resolution (Adobe and friends do not) for MPEG-2. I tried increasing the bitrate but it seemed it wasn't possible to increase the quality much more, and with higher bitrates the video would stutter a lot. I also tried ffmpeg but the quality seemed lower. So, I'm requesting tips to achieve a higher quality. Preferably, I would use H264 and activate every possible option which seemingly resembles 'fast decode'. But before trying that, I thought I'd ask for suggestions first. Thanks in Advance for your help!
  3. When I open the Watchout Display software there is some addition text underneath the watchout version number and to the left of the display computer's IP address. The text reads "ws136.test." I have no clue where it is being pulled from and reinstalling watchout does not remove it. If anyone knows where this text may be coming from and how to remove it I would appreciate it. Thanks Screenshot:
  4. I know Watchout can be upgraded just by running the new installer but is it better to do a clean un-install when the new version is mostly bug-fixes? Thanks
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