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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all, I don't remember if it already was treated on this forum. My knowledge says to me that shouldn't be any problem to use a 5K Display with Watchout, that as soon the graphic card and Display works fine WO should do. I'm right? Any experience on it? Thank you.
  2. Hello again, I'm successfully running a 5k (5120x3840) video on a videowall (4 x 4 outputs via mini-DP to active DP to HDMI). The master is a ProRes video. I tried the following formats: WMV9- did not work, wouldn't even play. H264- behaved fine except when it reached the cue to jump to the beginning, the show would hang (however, I only tested the default settings). MPEG2- worked 'fine'. The thing is: only Handbrake is able to transcode/output at this resolution (Adobe and friends do not) for MPEG-2. I tried increasing the bitrate but it seemed it wasn't possible to increase the quality much more, and with higher bitrates the video would stutter a lot. I also tried ffmpeg but the quality seemed lower. So, I'm requesting tips to achieve a higher quality. Preferably, I would use H264 and activate every possible option which seemingly resembles 'fast decode'. But before trying that, I thought I'd ask for suggestions first. Thanks in Advance for your help!
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