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Found 3 results

  1. Hello All, I am testing an 8K (8034*2160) Hap video on Watchout 6.7 but the video is not playing on Watchout. Once I added the video into the media window it does not even showing the thumbnail as well.
  2. Hello, I am new to Dataton community and I am looking for the answer to one of my problem. One of my client has a requirement for PowerPoint presentation where the screen size for the event is of 8000 pixel by 3000 pixel. Now if I make the presentation in powerpoint I know it is easy to achieve this resolution within PowerPoint but the watchout Engineer with whom I am working has told me that the maximum resolution output which you can take from a Windows laptop is 4k so we will have to scale the 4K output to match the 8k resolution and hence there is a possibility of the pixelation in the content. How do I achieve this solution? Is there a possibility that I can take more than 4K output from Windows laptop or shall I make two powerpoint presentations both in 4K and then we can stitch using it in watchout? I look forward to some help in this area. Thanks Aayush
  3. Good afternoon. I apologize in advance for probably a stupid question, but 1) What is the best codec settings can be recommended for video playback vachout on the LED display resolution of 8448 * 1080 pixels. 2) What are the possible ways to improve the performance of "computer display" Currently this causes considerable difficulties. We have to share the source video into two parts at ~ 4k. In addition, playback of multiple layers of system dumps into a tailspin. I would be glad of any possible assistance. Thank you in advance.
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