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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all I'm testing an 8K(7680*4320) 60fps hap video,But many times it can't play smoothly(Playing the same 8K video at 25fps is very smooth, and playing a TGA sequence with a hard disk read speed of 2400MB/s is very smooth),Below is my Display machine configuration: ● win10 2019 Pro(Version 1903,Based on win10 enterprise The optimization of the adjustment guide has all been set) ● Supermicr C9Z490-PGW ● I9 10850K ● WX 9100 ● USCORSAIR DDR4 3000 16G*2 ● Disk:Samsung 970 EVO Plus 2TB(The theoretical value of read speed is 3500MB/s, and the write speed is 3300MB/s) Unsmooth 8k video when playing: A lot of times it doesn't play smoothly, But after a lot of trying I stumbled upon a time when it played smoothly(If I want it to play smoothly all the time, I can't modify anything on the timeline, not even doing any modification just pressing CTRL+D to update it, It won't play smoothly anymore) Stumbled upon in testing how to make it play smoothly: ● Display is turned on, Production ONline(Playing is not smooth now) ● Press CTRL+SHIFT+A from the stage to enter Display machine ● Exit Display software ● Use TightVNC to enter the Display machine again and start the Watchout Display software ● Production ONline(Now TightVNC is still connected and not closed) ● Start playing video(Now the playback is not smooth because TightVNC is still controlling the Display machine) ● Close Disconnect TightVNC ● Now 8k@60fps video playback is very smooth(As long as you do not modify, edit, update, go online, and offline in Production, let it play 4 different 8K 60fps video loops for more than 10 hours, and it is still normal and smooth.) ● Even if I don't make any changes in Production, just press CTRL+D to update,It won't play smoothly anymore Display machine hardware performance information when playing smoothly(It can be seen that the peak reading of the E disk is: 892.8MB/s): When it does not play smoothly(It can be seen that the peak reading of the E disk is: 444.5MB/s): If it is because of the performance bottleneck of the hard disk, why is the TGA playing at 2400MB/s always smooth? As above, no matter when the video is played smoothly or not, I have not found the bottleneck of my hardware performance, so does anyone have relevant experience that can help me, thank you very much!
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