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Found 3 results

  1. We have a system using the Focusrite RedNet Dante card. It works in 6.2.2 (although we have other audio issues), but we’ve tried upgrading to 6.5 and 6.6.5 and we get no output. We've confirmed sample rate is 48kHz on both the production and display computers. ASIO4ALL seems to have the same issue, but direct output from the sound card seems okay.
  2. Hi, we are running WO 6.4.1 on Win7 and just installed a RME UC. It is synced to 48 kHz wordclock, we use the spdif (coax) output. Audio is played out from the production PC via ASIO at 48 kHz. Everytime a show gets opened, WO jumps back to 44.1 kHz. To get it on 48 again you have to choose a higher sample rate (96, 192) first and then 48 for it to be set properly. It is not possible to go from 44.1 directly to 48 kHz. Although it shows 48 in WO, in RME's specifications it is still getting 44.1 from WO. Anyone had similar issues? Maybe it's the ASIO driver? Is there a recommended driver? ASIO4all perhaps? Another thing: The audio setup is saved globally, which is interesting, since it is the only thing to be saved globally, and not only in the show. Seems like a bug to me...
  3. Hi, I wonder if Watchpax series will be compatible with ASIO to be able to have until 24 audio outputs. Thank you for the new 6.2 version.
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