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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, I have 102 DMX lights that I have setup to be controlled using Output Tasks. I am using dmxLAN Node 1s on Artnet. I can control all lights with no problem. My issue comes in when some groups of lights (in example, hallway lights) needs to be continuously turned on. When I play the next output task (another set of DMX channels), the current running task/lights will flicker OFF for 2 seconds before it goes on again. In a nutshell, say, DMX 1 and DMX 2 will turn off for a while when i turn on DMX 3. But DMX 3 wont turn off when I play and light that has a lower DMX value. I hope
  2. Hello! How much dmx universes I can control via WATCHOUT? Thanks!
  3. hi there with release 5 can i record one by one 110 universe and then play all together? or its too much? how many artnet layer is the limit? thank you for your help best regards
  4. We've been having issues with Art-net coming from Watchout going to our projectors. It started when we had two projectors on different universes. We were advised that we should consolidate them to a single universe due to some issues with how Watchout handles Art-net output. To make sure any potential issues were minimized, we addressed both projectors to Art-net Universe 1, Address 1. Later today, we had a failure on the main machine, so we switched to the backup. I tested DMX as soon as we switched, and it worked. A few minutes later, it did not. Once we got the main back up and running
  5. Hi Everybody, I have some Elation colour chorus lights and I want to control them from Watchout over the Artnet protocol. But the lights doesn't react on any Watchout DMX output. The lights are Artnet ready. I can control them from my laptop with other software, without any controller only my network, the light and my laptop. But I can't get watchout to control them. I'm sending the DMX outputs over the same universe. Does anyone got a solution for this problem? Kind regards, Ryan
  6. Hello, I work with watchout 5.5.2, i like to control light directly with my watchout. I like to control a Robe Cyclone directly by artnet. I can sent de DMX channel but the situation of the robe does´t change before 3 seconds more or less, i dont understand this delay. If i send the dmx chanel with other software (qlc+) it works properly. And if i put a fade 0 to 100 in the time line, its dont work, it wait to dont recibe changes to do the last position. I need to configurate something in a watchout. I have conected a manager and one display. thanks and sorry about my english.
  7. Hello Am I correct in saying that artnet can only be output from the production computer? Is there a way of forcing the display computer to output the artnet rather than production? I am wanting to take the production PC out of the system and run the watchout show via the display cluster protocol, which is working fine at the moment minus the artnet connectivity. Any input (or indeed artnet output is welcome!) Regards.
  8. Hello, I am consulting this problem with support already, but as we can not find the problem solution/source, I want to ask here if somebody has encountered same problem or will have some idea how to solve it. We have system with one production computer (watchmaker version 6) and two watchpaxes 2. Production computer also controles light over ArtNetDMX. It works just fine. Problem is whan we switch from watchmaker to watchnet. Videos are playing just fine, also pj link commands work, but the artnetDMX doesnt work at all. -------------------------------------------------------- We hav
  9. Hello, I need help with a problem I have at the DMX output watchout. When one of the channels is fading out to zero, on another channel there are small variations in level. I tried with change channels and is still happening. The equipment used is: Watchout 5.5.2 DMX Interface Enttec ODE (firmware 2.3) I have reproduced the error because my client also happens in your installation. I have a video with error and photo settings. I can mail the test file and video. Thank you.
  10. Hi, I'm working on a production where they are thinking about triggering Watchout from a GrandMA 1 for their shows. They are already running a lot things on Artnet and since network is so convenient they would like to use Artnet instead of MSC. Now because they have a lot of artnet already going out on their lighting network I would rather keep that separate from the Watchout network. So is there a way to use 2 NICs on a production computer? 1 to talk to the display computers and one to monitor and send the artnet triggers to the Watchout Production software? Or Do I need a piece of s
  11. What am i missing? I´m trying to send DMX over Artnet to an Luminex "Ethernet DMX4 MKII" Network Node. But the Node doesn´t forward any Data shown by an DMX-Testing Device. I made the configuration in the Preferences and created an DMX Output and put it into the timeline. Both Devices have the same Artnet Universe. So far so good. Theres an HP ProCurve Switch between Watchout and the Luminex Node. Watchout creates Artnet Packages, seen by a Network Sniffing Tool. Theres also a Luminex Software Control Tool installed on a laptop, witch shows me, that e.g. DMX Channel 2 gets the correct val
  12. Hi all-does anyone out there have any experience of using Avolites desks with Watchout to trigger via artnet? Do they require a personality and if so does anyone have one available? Much thanks Neil
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