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Found 3 results

  1. Hi there, First of all... Very happy with 6.2.1, Im enjoying all the new features and updates to WatchOut. The only problem Ive seen so far is that when I you a Aux Timeline, the fade in on clip do not work.... the clip just seems to snap in. Ive tried running the fade later in the clip as well as applying a pre roll on the clip... non of this makes a difference. Am I the only one with the bug or gas anyone else had the same experience.
  2. Working in primarily corporate presentation environments, I am interested in exploring the possibility of using WATCHOUT v6 as a substitute for some applications that would otherwise be suited for a Spyder X20 or Barco e2. Unlike WATCHOUT, the core operating concepts of those screen management systems is the use of presets and the ability to recall a given preset at any time and in any order. From the research on this forum and other sources, it is my understanding that auxiliary timelines are the best approach to replicating this behavior. However, I am having issues in fully doing so. Mo
  3. In the past, we've always had great luck triggering the main timeline using MSC from our ETC Ion (and before it our Obsession). On this show, I had an element that needed to be triggered on cue, while the rest of the timeline was still running. My solution to this withing Watchout was simply to put this extra element in an Aux Timeline. That's when I started to run into problems with the midi. If I set my "Midi Playlist" setting to "ignore", nothing happens. If I set it to "Map to Main Timeline" I can't trigger the aux timeline. If I set it to "Map to Aux Timelines" I can't trigger the m
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