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Found 2 results

  1. Thsi was probably asked before. When the Pause Cue button is flush with a media, please make it so that the media associated does not show on screen. 99.8761 % of the time we, users, dont want to see the image, its a pause in order to send the media on cue. When I am doing a télévision show I am working for at them moment, I recieve medias, then I have 2 hours to make my sequence that is complex enough. Then reharsal. Then between 1 and 2 hours to make sur all is corrected from reharsal. After than it's crazy live time with 6 task, multiple medias cues etc. So in rush, sometimes my pause cue end flush with my media and I always have to worry about this possibility that has desastrous consequences for the live show! It happend last week. IT vas very embarassing. Please correct this.
  2. Hi Everyone, We'll be at the CUE show next week in Rotterdam and look forward to seeing you there. You'll find Dataton, plus premium partners AVtrade and Mirage Associates, at stand 411 where we'll be highlighting WATCHOUT, showing off its projection mapping capabilities and more! If you haven't already got your badge, the invitation code for free admission is 1819201. CUE 2016 • Stand 411 • Ahoy Rotterdam, Netherlands • January 18-20 Regards, Jacquie
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