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Found 18 results

  1. Hello, since updating to the last wo version /6.6/, I'm having serious troubles on live inputs. It could be Vision LC, or Vision RGB or Blackmagic. All of them does the same problem of dropping or scattering the image. I did tests with interlaced or progressive inputs and all settings of the inputs in WO. In vidion display from datapath everything is smooth. But in WO not. Does anyone of you have similar problem? What is the solution? Of course I updated all drivers for GPU and Capture cards ... Machine is running windows 7. Thank you!
  2. Hi, Maybe someone has experienced this as well and found a solution. I'm on a show with a server set up by my client running WATCHOUT 6.5.5 and Windows 10. It works fine except that a live image captured into a Datapath VisionAV SDI card or through NDI stutters badly on this server. It looks as if the first 10 seconds or so are fine and then the stuttering starts. I deleted the NDI driver and WATCHOUT and made a fresh installation of WATCHOUT 6.7 but this didn't cure the problems. I've used both capture solutions very often before with my own servers but never had this experience. On the production computer the NDI signal looks smooth in the stage window. We could rule out network issues too since also with a dumb switch in between it didn't change. Since the capture card shows the same problem I assume that something in the server is configured wrongly. Any idea what to check or look for? We also tested the NDI signal with the NDI monitor tool on a third computer and this looked fine too. Maybe someone has come across this issue and was able to solve it.
  3. Recently upgraded a Win 7 display machine from Watchout 5.5.1 to 6.2.2. Everything seems to work except Live Video In. Using BMD mini recorder I could get a picture from SDI input or HDMI input on 5.5.1 but not 6.2.2. This was using various different SDI formats including 1080P at 23.98 fps. BMD software sees the input OK. I get an error message in Watchout saying "video in 1 set to none" I tried setting video input to 2, 3 same message "video in 2 set to none" "video in 3 set to none" It seems to be some kind of driver issue but updating the BMD drivers did not help
  4. Hi, I was wondering if there is anyone who knowes if the Aja Corvid 44 I/O card works with Wathout?
  5. Hello everyone, Following days of painful research in the dark realm of live 4k capturing , I would love to start a discussion about the best capture mode for 2160p. My workflow consists of receiving a feed from a camera switcher, which is mostly either Sony or Blackmagic switcher. It would be great if people who've succeeded in doing this could share their experience, specifically on: - 4k source mode (single link 12G SDI/Dual link 6G SDI/Quad link 3G SDI), which mode is most common in your market? or perhaps what default output standard is there for a 4k camera switcher? - 4k colour depth: I read that NO commercial cameras can achieve full 4:4:4 on 2160p, yet some capture cards manufacturer choose to market it, while others get away with selling a maximum capture 2160 @60 on 4:2:0 only. What do you recommend as a minimum acceptable bit depth for a 4k signal? - What is the minimum acceptable capture delay? the least I found was 64 Video Lines, which if not mistaken translates to 0.5 milli-second. - Which Manufacturers have the highest compatibility with the watchout environment? - Is there an NDI source converter out there that can encode 2160p, and what should be the expected signal delay? The theory surrounding this topic is highly conflicting, it's really hard to separate claims from facts. So really, any insight from a successful experience is highly appreciated. From what I understood, it is not possible to send "uncompressed RGB" on links higher than 3G SDI. Existing 6G & 12G therefore use RAW signals to achieve the transmission. I am not sure what impact does this have on the final outcome and what does it mean for watchout. Thank you all in advance, Ehsan Badry
  6. Hi, i am configuration a system with a Magewell dual HDMI capture card. i started testing the system with input from a laptop with HDMI output, 1920x1080@60hz, but the image i get un the capture, is very pixelated and unfocused. the image is fine when connected directly to a monitor. anybody has any idea what might be the problem?
  7. Hey, so now that I got my 50hz display problem out of the way, a new problem appeared, the capture cards I have doesnt support 50hz, this is a huge problem as we want that for our cameras. I got some cards I´m wondering if will work. Card one : https://www.multicom.no/business/datapath-1-chan-hd-1/cat-p/c/p8575554 Card two : https://www.multicom.no/business/datapath-visionlc-sdi-capture-card/cat-p/c/p9509109 Card three : https://www.multicom.no/business/datapath-2-channel-3g-sdi-capture/cat-p/c/p8575558 If anyone has any others, in the same pricerange, please let me know, if these do not work.
  8. Hi All! Does anyone has experience with that capture card? Is it possible to mix the types of input signals, i.e. 3x SD-SDI and 1x HD-SDI and use all of the simultaneously as inputs in WO ?
  9. Has anyone succeeded in capturing a 4k source into Watchout. I recently tried using a BlackMagic Decklink extreme 4k card and while I could see the input 4k HDMI signal within BM Media Express software I had no luck getting WO to see the signal. As the live video setup in WO only shows video resolutions up to 1080p I set the drop down to other and entered 3840 x 2160 in the size box at the bottom, I'm guessing this is not the way to do it as it didn't work. As a test I changed the incoming source to 1080p and this displayed correctly once the correct frame size and refresh was selected. I'm guessing WO does not understand 4k as a valid input yet. Anyone have any input here? Excuse the pun!! Tim
  10. Hello, we need to use 2 simultaneous live video SDI inputs with a ThunderBolt capture card using only 1 port. We saw the BlackMagic Ultrastudio 4K and asked BlackMagic support if this could work, but they said it was not possible because of the bandwith of the ThunderBolt port and because their device dosen't allow this. The only cards they have that do this, are the Declink Duo or Quad. Looking for Thunderbolt cards i ended up with the AJA Io XT, https://www.aja.com/en/products/io-xt#overview. Does anybody tried these capture cards? Do you know if it works with WatchOut? Regardless the TB bandwith, because we usually use 720p to capture video inputs, so maybe the bandwith is ok for that video resolutions. Thanks in advance.
  11. Hi, I just wanted to share some of my latest BMD Decklink issues, in the hope to get some feedback from some (worried) users. Does someone know, if the newest driver version 10.5.2 for the BMD Decklink Video Capture Cards (SDI Duo/Quad) works with WO? Currently, we have installed version 10.1.1 and 10.3.7 as these work okay, as far as BMD things work... I discovered, when I updating the driver from 10.1.1 to 10.3.7 (to capture a GoPro4, what's not possible with 10.1.1) on a display PC wit Decklink Quad SDI, that older WO shows, with Live Cameras in it, created with the older driver didn't work anymore. The camera signals came into the card, but WO was not able to show them. I downgraded to 10.1.1 and it wored again. So, does does the WO show save, which BMD Decklink driver was used when creating the show? And does it help re-installing Watchout after I updated the Decklink driver+firmware? The goal is, to be able to run all old shows with most stable decklink driver...if something like this exists. An other strange thing is, that with version 10.3.7, Watchout Display is only able to show live video, when "Decklink Video Capture" is selected. (cntrl+W, then Live Input Devices) On 10.1.1 we used to run the "WDM capture", as recommended. Also, it is not possible, to run a show with Live Video, which was created with a Display-PC where the WMD driver was selected on an other PC where Decklink Video driver is selected. Watchout Display even crashes, when you try to go online on a Live Input in the timeline. So I guess WO loses the connection to the Live Input Card, once the Driver is different from the original. Am I right with this assumption?
  12. Hi all! Fresh info from a new integration project we just did in a tv broadcaster. Display cluster build according to the last specs, including W9100 display card, RAIDs, etc... Win 8.1 Pro x64... latest bios/ drivers/ etc... 24hour live test of the computer prior to the WO installation We chose Blackmagic Decklink Duo (Dual SDI input) as a capture card since it dual input was the request and it was relatively best card comparing price/ quality. Although it's written that Decklink Duo works even on a x4 slot in fact it doesn't perform good - there is a black flicker when live feed is provided to the screen (even when only one of the inputs is used). After moving to a faster slot problems are solved (for now and, hopefully, for ever)
  13. Hello. Does anybody experienced some issues with the Blackmagic Quad capture card? Every inputs works perfectly, but when I use all of them at the same time on the timeline, its just flashing between the input signals for some seconds, and then nothing. When I go back in timeline where I only use one of the input, it works.... Best Klaus K.
  14. Hi all What are the limitations regarding the "computer screen" feature? resolutions? number of screens? Would it be possible to add 2 screens from 1 computer, if there for instance is 2 detected screens in display properties? maybe it doesnt work that way at all, but its a long shot. The other way is capture card, any news on that scene? Im looking to get 12 inputs into 3 machines, so 4 inputs on each. been looking at the datapath vision card with 2 dvi in. Since we are not latency sensitive at this particular job, maybe there is another card that can do the same job but for a cheaper price tag? grateful for any help, cheers, Robert
  15. I have 4 display PC's, each identical (as far as I can tell). Each has an intensity pro capturing an HDMI feed from a Sony camera. It works fine on 2 of them but I am seeing about a 1.5 second delay on one and a 1 second delay on the last. I've gone through the settings, and the tweak list and can't find the issue. The capture looks great in the BlackMagic software, the lag is about 2-3 frames max. Here are my system specs: Win 7 Premium Quad Core i5-4440 @ 3.1 GHz 16GB RAM 64bit OS AMD Radeon HD7750 BlackMagic Intensity Pro Card Any ideas where I should be looking?
  16. Working on putting out some fires, wondering if anyone's got experience capturing audio from the Intensity Pro HDMI capture cards. I don't have a way to test myself right now, just trying to orchestrate a backup and can't find info on this. Thanks!
  17. Hello everybody, does anybody have any experience with this quite new capture/ playback card? I am thinking about a setup with this capture card and a FirePro W 8000, but I guess the the computer will never get enough RAM. Does anybody have an opinion about this?
  18. Hi all, I'm relatively new to watchout and I'm wanting to capture an HDMI video signal into my presentation. I'm using a consumer level record/capture device and I'm hoping I can get this working with the Watchout display machine without having to splash out for more hardware (the license keys have blown my budget for the next few months!). I am using an AVerMedia H727 card. I have success in being able to input an analogue signal via the Composite signal, but any Digital inputs are not present in Watchpoint. Windows 7 SSDs AMD Raedon HD7900 Graphics Card (Watchout optimised system). Does anyone know of any tweaks in the driver settings perhaps that might allow this through? My guesses are either that being consumer, the HDCP lockdown is so great that it won't let the signal in without using the card's proprietary software, or the drivers have only been set up with the Directshow API to allow an analogue input. Hopefully there is a genuis out there in Watchout land that may be able to help? Cheers Luke
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