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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I was wondering if there is anyone who knowes if the Aja Corvid 44 I/O card works with Wathout?
  2. Hi So we are about to upgrade our capture cards. We use cameras with HD-SDI outputs, 1080p 25/50/60 (what ever works) Number of inputs is not important to us, but more is always nice to have. Latency however is key, as we are trying to get close to lip-sync. After reading on the forum and talking to other users, we are going for Datapath cards. Now I have to choose between: VisionSC-SDI4 http://datapath.co.uk/video-capture-cards/visionsc-range/visionsc-sdi4 VisionSDI2 http://datapath.co.uk/video-capture-cards/vision-range/visionsdi2 So the SDI4 seems like a newer model and has more inputs, also it costs less. It needs more bandwith, no surprise with the extra inputs. However there are no mentions of it on this forum :/ Then there is the SDI2. The one thing this got going for it is that there are many users on this forum successfully using it. And datapath mentions Watchout on their webpage.. So which should I order? Any recommendations ?
  3. Anyone any experience with capturing 4K into watchout? Looking at capable cards I found these: http://www.datapath.co.uk/products/video-capture-cards/visionsc-range/new-visionsc-dp2 And many more at: https://www.blackmagicdesign.com/products/decklink/models Latency is not an issue, compatibility is... Any recommendations are much appreciated. Thanks, Danny Rats
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