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Found 2 results

  1. Hey All, There is a feature of Watchout that I find useful at times but not at others and I was wondering if anyone has found a clever way to work around it. When you add a Computer Screen media device to the timeline it shows a blue screen when there isn't a connection- this is great for initial troubleshooting. ‚ÄčThe problem I'm having is that when I update or go back online I'm getting a flash of blue onstage as the computers recconnect. This blue also pushes through being in standby. The only solution I've found so far to absolutely avoid it is to shutter the projectors which isn't ideal. Is there a setting buried somewhere that I can change to make the vnc connection not show blue? Thanks! Matt
  2. Hi all What are the limitations regarding the "computer screen" feature? resolutions? number of screens? Would it be possible to add 2 screens from 1 computer, if there for instance is 2 detected screens in display properties? maybe it doesnt work that way at all, but its a long shot. The other way is capture card, any news on that scene? Im looking to get 12 inputs into 3 machines, so 4 inputs on each. been looking at the datapath vision card with 2 dvi in. Since we are not latency sensitive at this particular job, maybe there is another card that can do the same job but for a cheaper price tag? grateful for any help, cheers, Robert
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