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Found 6 results

  1. WATCHMAKER_00001.logHi, I just upgraded to version 6, WO display become black(no WO logo for long seconds and suddenlly back) and there is an error message on very specific action. From Display "Display 3" of Stage Tier "Base" of StageList of Stage, 2022-03-20 00:44:27 Network error; Display computer: Connection Lost *while it happened - there is a ping between the machines. *The test media is an old file that was played on the old hardware(mp4/wmv 720P). * Double check All tweaks was made by the user guide. 1 . when I am j"jumpimg" with mouse from one video to another. 2. When the que key jump back to the "Time Position" which is the starting point of the video - "loop". The specs are: Display: Intel Core i7 11700 Z590 GIGABYTE DDR4 32G 3600 CLI18 Corsair Win 10 Pro AMD WX-9100 - There are 6 projectors connected with mini-dp->hdmi 1920*1080 Production: Intel Core i5 9400 32GB
  2. i run a project in 6.6.7 with 8 audio files(wav) on a timeline .when scrolling the timeline the wo production keep crashing.any ideas why and how to fix? already tried older versions..
  3. Running into a very strange problem with wav files in a simple Watchout project. I have 3 HD video files running on 3 monitors and one 5.1 wav file. When I add the wav file to the project and go online, watchout transfers the file, but I get a red X on the production stage screens. Sometimes I get "Display computer disappeared" in the message window, but not always. I have tried to resample the file with Adobe Audition to 5.1 16bit 44100 ; 5.1 16bit 48000 ; stereo and the original 5.1 24bit 48000. All fail. If I remove the wav file everything works. The player log show the following: { "date" : "2014-12-12", "time" : "12:46:20:426", "severity" : "information", "message" : "WATCHPOINT exited abnormally (code 3221225477), restarting" } Do I have to do anything special to use wav files? I have used them extensively before without problems.
  4. Hi, I’m working with watchout 5.5.1. and I have the problem that while I’m fading movies in and out my display engines (I’m working with four devices and each one with one output) crash in different intervals. I tested my show with a different setup and it works, so I suppose that it has something to do with my hardware, but i can’t pinpoint it. Does anyone of you encounter a problem like this bevore? Or do you have any possible solutions? Thanks a lot Svenja
  5. Hello Friends ! We had a computer crash after a good programming day and since we are unable to open the project. I take that the file is corrupt and the back up we have brings us back quite awhile... When updating is the .watch file located in the displays by any chance ? We are re-doing the changes and I asked the guys to keep a tighter backup but if anyone can help !!! I'm listening Seb
  6. Hello I am having problems replacing footage files in the bin -- I double click on the file name in the bin, and browse to a new clip, then watchout periodically vanishes and reappears a few times before crashing altogether. This only occurs with certain clips, usually longer clips, but not all long clips. I can import the new clips into the bin manually by dragging them in, but my thumbnail icon shows only the unconnected film strip leader image. If I double click on that, watchout launches quicktime player and can play the source footage -- but internally it cannot 'see' it. It does not appear to be a codec issue, since it has no trouble playing other clips of the same codec. I'm stumped. Thanks in advance for any advice. PC
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