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Found 7 results

  1. Good evening, right now we are inside of production. A Webpage should be displayed via Dynamic Image Server. We tried different computers and can`t find any solution for our problem. We have some https feed we would like to display On some computers the pages can be displayed without any problem. On other computers we get the following Error inside of Dynamic Image Server. "unable to init SSL context" But on the same computers the page can be viewed through the standard browser. We updated to Win 8.1 and installed every Software that can be found on the working machines. We updated the URL to be only http, but some interactive content needs to backlink for https sites and displays the same error. We don`t have any idea how the problem can be solved. So if anyone has got experience with that kind of problem, please let us know. Daniel
  2. hi all~! my show is show 30-FHD image file(jpg) via Dynamic Image server. But.. image appears on the display, takes a long time. (over 5 sec.) I want the images to appears a more quickly. how can it be faster? ------------------------------------------- Display server & dynamic image server win7 64bit i7 3870 16gb ram ATI 7970 128g SSD x79 MB gigabit network
  3. Dataton Support, We are experiencing issues with Dynamic Image Server 5.5 (as packaged with Watchout 5.5.1). When adding a dynamic image to the production computer, the production computer reports the following error: From Dynamic Image "<media name>" of Media List, <timestamp> Error: Server Timeout In addition to receiving this error message, the requested image blinks in the Dynamic Image Server window. The file requested is jpg format. System Specifications: Windows 7 64-Bit Enterprise, Service Pack 1 Intel i5-3570k (Image Server) Intel i7-3770k (Production and Display Computer) Gigabyte Z77X-D3H Motherboard 8GB RAM Nvidia 640GT Display Card (Image Server and Production Computer) AMD 7970 Display Card (Display Computer) Datapath Vision RGB-ES1 Capture Card (Production and Display Computer) Additional Information: Windows firewall disabled All computers have static-assigned IP addresses in the same subnet Production and Display computers function normally otherwise Steps Taken: Verified file path is correct (based on blinking behavior on Image Server, server and file path should be correct) Verified Production computer can load the same image file directly; independent of the Image Server Attempted to use different file and file format Reboot all computers Uninstalled / reinstalled Watchout on Image Server as suggested in other threads reporting similar issue. Please let me know if I can provide any additional information. Thank you for your help! Clint
  4. Hi everyone, we have a show coming, where pictures of a photographer should be projected on a screen instantly. We use WO 5.5 and I wanted to know if s.o. has made experiences with this kind of requisition. I thought about using the HDMI output of the camera. Perhaps you have an idea how to realize this or what camera to use. An other way would be the DIS. But we have not made any experiences with it yet and I don't know how fast this works, as the shot images should be on the screen instantly. Thanks for the help!
  5. Hi, Here's how WorldStage put the Dynamic Image Server feature in WATCHOUT 5 to work at the National Retail Federation’s s 101st Annual Convention & Expo in January. http://www.plsn.com/projection-connection/8741-worldstage-gives-oracle-big-presence-at-retails-big-show.html Regards, Jacquie
  6. Hi, Check out this footage from PK Pictures, USA, as they test the dynamic image server feature in WATCHOUT version 5. Thanks to PK for sharing this. http://vimeo.com/35730103 Best regards, Jacquie
  7. Hi all~! I want play flash game through Dynamic image server. But, keyboard & mouse did not work. so I can't move my character. How can I do?
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