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Found 1 result

  1. I am working on a four display show where we are using four Wybron ForeRunner scrollers with neutral density scrolls to fade the projectors in and out. We are trying to use an ENTTEC Ode DMX node to control the scrollers through Watchout. The four scrollers are daisy chained together. The first three are working without a problem. The one on the end of the chain is the problem. In several of the cues, it will sometimes open a second or more late, stutter as it's opening, open just to close again a second later, or not open at all. It will only do this when one of the other scrollers has a slow fade at the same time (usually the first scroller). Once the other scrollers have stopped moving, it will not move. If I try to move it on it's own or in time with the other scrollers, it behaves normally. I have one aux timeline for each video cue. Initially, I had scroller cues within each cue's timeline. In troubleshooting, I moved them all to one aux timeline that is the duration of the show with all of the scroller cues. This did not seem to make any difference. Our electrics department has also swapped out the scroller, retentioned the scroller, and moved the scroller power supply to minimize cable length. None of this made any difference. Does anyone have any idea what I can do to fix this? Thank You!!!
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