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Found 2 results

  1. I primarily provide the media for the shows I work on, and have not been involve the setup of the Watchout and 2 converged- 12kw projectors. In the past I always let the rental company handle the Watchout setup. We will be buying a Watchout system of 2 WatchPax2 and production computer instead of renting. Other than the basic layout in the Watchout 5.2 manual that shows basic layout of cabling I haven’t found any other info about connecting up the system. From what I can tell: 1-Production Computer connects to the Network switcher via Ethernet Cable. 2-Network switcher then connects to the Watchpax2 via Ethernet Cable. 3-WatchPax2 connects to the 12kw Projectors (display device) via an Adapter Mini DP-DVI Female out of the “Mini Display Port”. 4-Mini DP-DVI adapter then to cable to the projector Both of the time we use a doubled, stacked projectors for a converged single image. Does this mean we would use the second Mini Display Port and Mini DP-DVI adapter for the second projector? I see people converge the two images using a grid to line-up the pattern as one. Can you converge the grid patterns using Watchout or is this done in projector setup? Thank you, DonD
  2. Good morning i will try to control my sanyo projector via serial data from the display watchout mediaserver. i will use a Atop se5001 Ethernet Serial Server. this is the default setup of the machine i will have to do particolar change to it for work with watchout? thanks in advance
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