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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, I need to set up Watchout to be cued from a lighting console. The console can't send a MIDI signal without expensive extra equipment, but it can send either an OSC or UDP signal. I'm very new to both of these protocols - is there a way for Watchout to hear an OSC or UDP signal and use that to trigger a cue on the main timeline? Thank you.
  2. Hi all, I've been developing a small application to externally control Watchout's aux timelines and to provide a few extra features that I've needed on recent shows. It controls the production machine only and runs on windows. It's a rather simple app.. Here are it's primary functions - retrieves all your aux timelines and populates a listbox automatically grabs the duration of each up to a control cue titled "!end". ( you place that in each timeline wherever you want the countdown to end) displays that duration for each provides a countdown timer for the task that's currently running. Basic playback controls - play, stop, go to 20, go to 10, ect It's mainly a personal project, but I think it could contribute to the community so I'm releasing the beta for free. If anyone is interested in testing it out, here's a link to the page - http://timsfranklin.com/taskmanager/ Feel free to offer feature requests. Thanks, Tim
  3. Hi I'm trying to do something, which I'm not sure will be possible. We have a graphic platform from Vizrt, which can be controlled in a lot of ways. I want to create a String Cue, with this syntax "SendSingleCmd localhost, "RENDERER*MAIN_LAYER*STAGE CONTINUE", 0" You normally communicate with the Vizrt program on port 6100, and as TCP. I'v tried a lot of different ways of writng the syntax, but keep getting the same reply: "Warning: Failed delivering data". I'm sure there's a simple and logical explanation to this. Any ideas?? Cheers Christian
  4. Hi Has someone tried to make a Grass Valley Kayenne Production Switcher control Watchout? I'm trying to figure out the best way to do it, but I want to do it over ethernet. Inside the GVG system, there's an option to define external devices, eg. DDR, VTR etc., but I'm not sure if that's the way to go. Basically I want to be able to control the AUX timelines, meaning triggering all the preprogrammed tasks I have made for each show. So if anyone have done this before, and want to share it, I'll be very grateful Cheers Christian
  5. Hi On our next production with live video on stage, we would like to run the cameras and WO through a video switcher in order to reduce latency. Now we have been looking at the BlackMagic ATEM swtichers but they don't seem to have any snapshot/preset feature so controlling anything other then basic switching from WO (or any other show control software) would be hard. Does anyone know of some similar devices that can store a series of setups and then recall them via some kind of open protocol? Must have SDI IO and preferably hdmi All other ideas on how to do this are also welcome. Regards Nikolai
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