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Found 9 results

  1. Hey guys! I use Flash a lot to create remote apps to control my watchout shows, using them on windows tablets or android tablets. I manage to do the basics (starting/stopping stuff) but i'm puzzled how i can get the state of a timeline into flash. I would like to be able to have a button change when a timeline is done playing or maybe get the time info to show next to the button, just to be able to show more information in the app. Would also be nice to be able to show if the app is still connected to Watchout.. I have read the API info, but it's just a bit out of my league for now to understand on my own. I hope someone can show me how i would be able to get this to work, would be so cool! Thanks in advance! Frank Doeve The Netherlands
  2. Hi- I apologize in advance, as this may be more of a Flash question than a Watchout question, but it does seem to be isolated to using an SWF in the DIS. I have an SWF file that parses a JSON file (local on the machine) and displays text. It's a brute-force way of showing tweets on screen; upstream of me the JSON will be edited by a moderation system that actually accesses the web. It takes a couple of parameters to identify the JSON file and the tweet ID. When I use this SWF in a web browser via an HTML doc, it works great. As expected. When I do the same thing via the DIS, it's like it can't find the JSON files. It simply shows the generic text field data, not pulling any text from the JSON files. I've moved file locations around, adjusted the trusted settings in the Flash control panel, etc. Nothing seems to get it going. So my question is, are there any limitations / caveats / peculiarities to the way the DIS would handle a SWF looking for / reading a local file vs how a web browser (Firefox on this PC) would handle ti? Thanks! dp p.s. I know my DIS works correctly, since I'm using the same machine to pull photos in other areas of my timeline. It does load the SWF correctly, just doesn't display the text.
  3. Hi all. I'm a just arrived newbie who needs to control a WO show within a Flash EXE. As I've seen, I can control WO with commands. That's sendiing TCP Sockets to the fist display computer to the port 3039. I've been playing also with WatchMan, which seems to be an encapsulation of all the commands synthax. Great !! If I use commands (raw sockets) , I can call all the commands and get them working. I also tried an undocumented command "unload" and it worked !! Are there another "hidden" commands? If I use the WatchMan Api I have other issue: When I call "GetControlCuesInfo", I get an Error "Display software too old for GetControlCuesInfo" I'm developing inside a Mac with WatchMan 1.0 and the display watchout is 5.5.1 Is my software out of date? What I'm doing wrong? Can I have this info (control cues list) by calling a "raw command" ? Thanks in advance.
  4. Dataton Support, We are experiencing issues with Dynamic Image Server 5.5 (as packaged with Watchout 5.5.1). When adding a dynamic image to the production computer, the production computer reports the following error: From Dynamic Image "<media name>" of Media List, <timestamp> Error: Server Timeout In addition to receiving this error message, the requested image blinks in the Dynamic Image Server window. The file requested is jpg format. System Specifications: Windows 7 64-Bit Enterprise, Service Pack 1 Intel i5-3570k (Image Server) Intel i7-3770k (Production and Display Computer) Gigabyte Z77X-D3H Motherboard 8GB RAM Nvidia 640GT Display Card (Image Server and Production Computer) AMD 7970 Display Card (Display Computer) Datapath Vision RGB-ES1 Capture Card (Production and Display Computer) Additional Information: Windows firewall disabled All computers have static-assigned IP addresses in the same subnet Production and Display computers function normally otherwise Steps Taken: Verified file path is correct (based on blinking behavior on Image Server, server and file path should be correct) Verified Production computer can load the same image file directly; independent of the Image Server Attempted to use different file and file format Reboot all computers Uninstalled / reinstalled Watchout on Image Server as suggested in other threads reporting similar issue. Please let me know if I can provide any additional information. Thank you for your help! Clint
  5. Hi all~ I am using the API is expected to FLASH program development. http://academy.dataton.com/sites/default/files/docs/WATCHMan/AS3/index.html Show control and run, halt was found, but I can't find ' setInput' command. Where can I find?
  6. Hey all! I have been poking around a bit in the examples given in the watchout cookbook and having a lot of fun with them, but... Rightnow i am trying to get the twitter thingy to do what i want and i'm definately not succeeding at it.. what i would really like to create is a ticker at the bottom of the screen which scrolls right-to-left showing tweets from one search. The example from the cookbook works like a charm, but i cant seem to get the messages to appear side-by-side instead of below one another.. Does anyone (with a lot more AS3-knowledge than myself obviously...) have any idea on how i could get this going? Thanx in advance! Frank Doeve R&D Communications BV The Netherlands
  7. Hi, I've successfully established a connection between my Production machine (running 5.3.1) and my Dynamic Image Server (running 5.2, on separate machine). I am able to upload images through the server and put them on my displays. I am having trouble running .SWF files through the Dynamic Image server, though. Every time I try to configure a new DIS Media, I receive this general error message: "From Dynamic Image "[filename]" of Media List, 2012-19-12 10:59:51" I configured my presentation according to the Watchout Cookbook Clock Tutorial, as well as Uploading With A Browser. Does anyone have any advice on what I need to do to make my SWF files acceptable? Thanks!
  8. Hi all~! I want play flash game through Dynamic image server. But, keyboard & mouse did not work. so I can't move my character. How can I do?
  9. Hi, I'm new to Watchout and I'm struggling with the image server (to display a SWF file). I've got a separated display server, and the same server for production and image server. I've got 2 USB keys plugged into this server, but everytime I'm starting the image server first, I then have a licensing issue when starting the production tool, and the opposite. Meaning that whatever the first application I start, the other one will always display a licensing issue. I'm using 5.1 Does anyone had the same problem before? I might very well have missed something (maybe even on the configuration of the dynamic image itself: I'm using as the server IP for the SWF)... but that's hard to say as the only errors I've got are about the licensing...
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