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Found 1 result

  1. Hi all. I've been trying to control my Barco RLM-W12's via IP from Watchout. Creating an output, using port 43680, I can make triggers to power on, open/close shutter etc. At first glance this seems to work fine. Projectors respond fine and does what its told. However, it stops working, and I get error messages stating that command was not sent. I've been trying to find a.. regularity of it, and so far I can say that if I wait for about 1 minute without sending a string to projector, then it will stop responding. I will then also loose connection with the W12 from Barco's Projector Toolkit. If I then delete the projector from Toolkit, add it via scan, I will regain control. Then I can also switch back to Watchout and IP strings will work again.. If I would send a string every, say 45 seconds, I can keep going forever (it seems..), but thats not going to be done in reality. This is plugged directly from laptop to projector, no switches in between. I don't know if this is a barco issue or a watchout issue, or a bit of both maybe. Do I need to setup the network in some special way ? Does anyone have experience with this? or share a similar problem? and hopefully a solution? Kind regards Torbjørn Ljunggren
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