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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I am working on a project which requires triggering video clips and DMX messages by live motion tracking of a person. I was planning to use Kinect environment, but, I have become aware of the fact that they are discontinued and therefore Kinect would not be a reliable option in the long run. What type of product and platform would you recommend or this kind of application please? Thank you.
  2. Hi Dataton, I'm looking for a way to project out large resolution input into evenly split 6 display by minimizing the hardware cost So I have a PC A that will run a program and output either A ) 1 HDMI -> 5760 x 2160 B ) 2 DP -> 5760 x 1080, 5760 x 1080 C ) 1 DP -> 7680 x 4320 (special case) By getting the video source from PC A, Send to another PC B that run WATCHOUT, and evenly cut/split the source and output to 6 projectors. Is this possible? I'm not sure if all this make sense. If somebody has a better idea and able to guide me with necessary hardware, please reply here. The main idea is output 6 FullHD to projector from single PC program.
  3. Hello Everyone I'm trying to create a App or a Web Base app that can help me use a iPad as an interactive touch panel that can work with Watchout. Im creating a project with 10 different farm animals they each have a layer .png image for each animal. Now i want to create something in the ipad where they can click on the ipad the animal and in the live watchout display for the image to move and also play the sound of the animal. Does anyone have done anything similar to this or can some one help me start this up? Thank you in advance for any tips and help regarding this project thanks !!
  4. I just got a Leap Motion tracking device. https://www.leapmotion.com/ The best way to describe this device is to say it is similar to a Kinect (body gestures) only it is more precise (hand gestures) and uses infrared rather then a high def camera to follow tracking. I am trying to get it to talk to WATCHOUT to see what interactivity I can simulate with hand gestures. I haven't had a lot of luck yet, but I was curious if anyone is familiar and has experimented with it yet. Thanks David Johnson Mind Opera, Inc.
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