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Found 1 result

  1. Live video latency - an eternal issue This subject gets brought up at almost every opportunity for me to sell the system into a show, and my clients have lots of 'other systems' available to them. To date I've managed to keep using analogue cameras with analogue capture, small frame sizes and a small audio delay I've kept it really low, but latency increases with processing and inevitably I'll have to go digital in the camera chain. With the firepro SDK and direct memory access this seems to be almost the holy grail. Whilst I've read the article in the thread about the SDI card about the need to process the video via Watchout to manipulate the tweens etc, would it be possible to swap the manipulation round and for video capture only to plug software into the GPU directly and make the instruction live? - I'm happy to have a special case limited functionality maybe opacity position and scale. Alternatively a call to Datapath to implement watchout instructions within the capture card?? I'm sure we, as a group. are a major buyer of their cards It would be a really major step forward and make my life in front of the client a bit easier.
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