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Found 18 results

  1. I’m currently running a show on watchout receiving MIDI note through qlab. Qlab is just sending go cues to the main timeline. I am having issues where watchout is not always receiving the go from qlab while running a show. The problem however is not consistent and it occurs at various points. There is no other control cue within ten seconds of the cue. Trying to trouble shoot since currently having to have an operator run the show as backup if it doesn’t fire but since it is time coded with qlab it means some cues are not precise. Any help is greatly appreciated. Just looking for a reliable way for QLab to run the show with simple go cues to watchout.
  2. Cant trigger msc from qlab trying to use qlab to trigger watchout
  3. Is it possible to proceed with the Watchout Que by sending a signal from QLab?
  4. Hi, we discovered free way to send out MIDI/MSC from Watchout via Bitfocus Companion and the module Midi-relay. Midi-relay is a small java app which sends/receives MSC/notes from your midi-interface by getting http requests. For every command there is a button to program in companion, plus sending a String output http request "BANK-PRESS" from WO to trigger that button. It works flawlessly and being able to trigger sound and light is a big step. The detour over companion is quite time consuming, a direct string output would be nice. So far I had no luck sending a POST http-request with WO: MIDI-relay is running on WO-production, port 4000 { midiport: 'MIDI Port Name', midicommand: 'msc', deviceid: 0, commandformat: 'lighting.general', command: 'go', cue: '10', cuelist: '13', cuepath: '' } So the string from WO would be: POST {...} $0D I tried monitoring with wireshark to see what the syntax in WO should be but did not get clear results. Is it possible to send a .json method as a string output at all? I was looking into the the bome-box / network before, but there is no way to send commands from WO production, as serial output is only available on a display PC or with a TCP/serial converter. Or am I getting sth wrong? https://github.com/josephdadams/midi-relay https://www.bome.com/products/bomenet
  5. Hi, starting on a new server here. Im trying to use a Korg nanokey2 with WO as a midi controller to trigger my Aux scenes. Have gone through the preferences and everything looks to be ok. I tried using the Korg Nanokey 2 with the bundled software from Korg and it works fine. Is there any special setting that i have to change on WO? BTW, i have used a korg kontrol2 before and it worked fine plug and play on Windows. Only after trying the nanokey2 is when i started having this problem. Has anyone tried the NanoKey2? Thanks.
  6. HI, I've connected a MIDI controller (Novation Zero SL MKII) to my production, I've assigned CC to some tween (scale, position ecc ...) and I can change values of this tween with the controller, but I can't make any automation. If i use the controller to make an automation, the watchout doesn't record the values of the keyframe. Thank you all
  7. I'm designing a show, which have to run between to TV studio setups. We use a WO production normally to control and run the shows.I have made a simple browser interface, to control the different tasks, that have to be executed during the show. There is one thing though. I need to disable MIDI, so if the WO Production recieve a MIDI command, it wont be affected. Is there a syntax to do that? I've scanned through all the documentation I can get my hands on, but no luck... Best regards Christian
  8. Hi... Is it possible to connect together with Watchout 5, Lighting console Titan Mobile and instrument playback with Ableton Live? Maybe via midi controller? Titan Mobile https://www.avolites.com/products/lighting/titan-mobile Ableton Live https://www.ableton.com/en/ My goal is setup like this with 1 controller: How to setup that configuration on Watchout 5? I have no idea. Thanks
  9. Hi, TouchOSC and Bridge I use to control the show. Watchout reports error message "unable to open midi port". Watchout 6 on Windows 7 and two watchpax. The network allowed all. Anyone have an idea how to fix it? During testing in same network, everything was fine. Thakyou
  10. HI, I am currently using a KROG NanoKontrol 2 on WO5 Production Server to control mainly the tween-opacity.It seems to be inconsistent every time I push up or down. On the input window it indicates to be reading values 0 - 1 (No matter, how fast I push the fader up and down). However, when I link this fader to the opacity value it seems to be different everytime I fade up or fade down. It looks as if the speed in which the fade affects the value. Alot of the times, even when the fader is pushed all the way down, the opacity value remains at a random %. Anyone has experience similar issues with Midi Controllers? Any idea how to solve this? Thanks in advance! Jason
  11. Hi all, is it possible to connect a midi controller to 2 production computers and controlling them simultaneously? Scenario: 2 production PC (one main, one back-up), each connected to 1 display PC projector output. Both production PC are connected to one MIDI controller, and hitting a key on the midi controller plays both production PC together. Both production PC are projecting the same content onto a same screen, if one production/display PC dies out, the content will still continue running without interruption nor delay from the second production/display. I'd just like to know if the above is possible. (instead of hitting spacebar from 2 keyboards, surely one will be slightly delay). Thanks, Jeremy.
  12. Hi All, I am working on a project with a corporate that wants the following: They will host a conference in a large room, in which the presenter (speaker) will not have eye-contact with all the tables. They want to have a wireless push button in each table, that when the table wants to ask a question, a monitor will indicate where the question came from. So ideally, the result will be: Table number 5 press the button, and the display shows "question from table #5". When a new table is pushing the button, it will override the previous screen and show "question from 'New Table #'". What I was thinking is to use a midi push buttons in each table, and program a cued slide that will be activated through MIDI control cue. Questions: 1. Is my plan is doable? is there a better way to achieve the desired outcome? 2. Does anyone know what is the best MIDI signal receiver to use with Watchout? 3. Does anyone know a single button wireless midi controller? 4. Is there an Appstore/ Android app that can send MIDI signals to the MIDI receiver? Thank you so much,
  13. Hello, I'm working on a musical using Watchout for the first time. The musical director and musicians are using a click track, and I'd like to use that click track (or more specifically, MIDI messages related to that click track) to sync watchout cues to the music. I have Qlab2 or maybe Qlab3 running on a mac mini, and Watchout running on two windows machines. The click track will also have two or three audio files synced to it for playback through the sound system, so I can't have the click track and these other audio layers in Watchout without purchasing an audio interface for the windows machine. I figured the best approach is to have click track trigger midi show control messages in Qlab to be sent to Watchout for this (and potentially all of the watchout cues). If so I need two midi interfaces - one for the windows machine in order to accept midi messages, and one for the mac mini, in order to send midi messages. I'm looking at getting two of the M-Audio MIDIsport 1x1's http://m-audio.com/products/en_us/MIDISPORT1x1.html Does anyone have experience with these and/or any other suggestions for my setup? thanks! Nick
  14. Hello all~ I using 'sensor in a box' on behalf of midi controller. (accent sensor in a box -> Pysical computing with Micro process. similar 'Arduino' http://www.arduino.cc/ ) This device connect at WO5, occur ERROR message. 'midi i/o errir : buffer overflow' What is meant this error message?
  15. I've wanted virtual midi keypad show control for a while. I wanted to assign channels, rename buttons, theme actions by color, etc. Basically, I wanted a show control I could customize for each show that would output a midi signal Watchout Production could understand and output to my display machines. Well, after a morning of hunting and testing, I think I found a pairing that does the trick. So, for those of you without a midi show controller OR who have been looking for a virtual solution, here is one that is currently working for me: LoopBe1 – Virtual Midi Driver $14 Commercial (Free for Personal Use / Testing) http://www.nerds.de/en/download.html AVD “Midi Buttons” – Configurable Midi Controller Keypad https://www.audiovisualdevices.com.au/software/midibuttons/index.php Free for Personal and Commercial use. Install LoopBe1 and it will create a virtual midi device on your computer that essentially listens for a midi show controller to send it information. Then, just open Midi Buttons and start configuring your cues. It definitely takes some configuration but, it does work and really breaks you out of Watchout's "Task" window. Here was a button configuration that worked for me inside of Watchout: (ensure you set Output1 to LoopBe and set it to Active in the configuration window) Press: Note On Channel: 1 Note: 2 Velocity: 1 Output: 1 Press / Release Release: Note Off (all other details same as above) Add a new Midi Note Input and have it "learn" that button. You should see channel 1 and note 2 listed. Now, assign the input to a task and watch it work. I tested this on a Windows 7 machine running WO 5.5. There are obvious drawbacks like not having sliders or being able to halt aux timelines with the stop button in the WO task window but, I get a fullscreen show control to customize that could even work on a touchscreen monitor if configured correctly.
  16. These are the settings that we always set up in the IOS or EON family of ETC lighting desks for successful Midi Show Control (MSC) of Watchout. SMPTE Time Code RX - Enabled MIDI Time Code RX - Enabled Resync Frames - 2 MSC Receive - Disabled (Unless you want to receive MSC from another device, but Watchout doesn't send MSC) NSC Receive Channel - 0 ACN MIDI RX ID - 1 MSC Transmit - Enabled MSC Transmit Channel - 0 ACN MIDI TX ID - 1 (Or whatever you have your device ID set to in Watchout.) Analog Input - Enabled Relay Output - Enabled Serial Enable - Enabled Serial Group ID - 1 A key setting to pay attention to is the TX ID. This is the device ID and it must match the device ID set in Watchout. After all of this is set, you should be able to just set your Control Cues to match the numbers of the cue stack in the lighting desk, and be successfully tracking Midi Show Control. Hope this is helpful.
  17. Hello, Release: Watchout 5.1 Midi Controller: Korg Nano2 I tryto create a carousel of pictures,which can be rotated using a knob.Unfortunately,having no trigonometric operators such as sine,root,cosine...It is difficult to rotate an image on a circle. Is it possible to achieve it in another way? Is it possible,in a future release,to have trigonometric operators? Thanks Regards JP
  18. An great new feature in WATCHOUT version 5.1 is that you can use inputs (DMX, MIDI etc) directly connected to a display cluster (a group of Display Computers) without having to go through the WATCHOUT Production Computer. It is however not enough just to go offline with the Production Computer. You have to "activate" the display cluster first. An easy way to do this is to use the "command file" (see page 247-249 in the manual). You can of course do the same from any external control system. Best regards, Fredrik Svahnberg Dataton
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