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Found 1 result

  1. Question about multiple focus surfaces in Watchout. I'm doing imagery for an opera. There will be DS sharks tooth scrim at curtain line (I want to fit the projected image to the scrim (25'x50'), BUT for half of the opera the DS scrim will fly away and then we will be projecting on drops 40' Up Stage from the curtain line and we will have to resize the artwork to refit the surfaces that are Up Stage. I have two options, 2 stacked/converged projectors OR one larger single projector. Can the Watchout software have two different converging points if we are using two stacked projectors to create a single image? Or can WO have two focus surfaces (different distances to the surfaces being projected on) using a single projector? A friend tells me "I am not sure if you are able to load a different warp at different times in the timeline, which is basically what you need to do." The Down Stage scrim images are all water, underwater trees and foliage so if they are slightly out of focus it might be something we could live with. The US images (Full Moons, room interiors) might want to be the sharper of the images. Many thanks, DonD
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