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Found 7 results

  1. Dataton Support, We have a Watchout system that was updated from version 6.1.5 to version 6.4.1. After performing this update, network video assets using an RTSP streams from our cameras have stopped working. The error received when attempting to play is as follows: error: no video network support We have verified that the RTSP stream is still working within VLC player. That is to say, the URL is correct. We have also deleted / recreated the network video asset in the media bin. Have there been any changes that would affect RTSP support? Did the desired format of the URI change within Watchout? The stream is configured as follows: URI = "rtsp://" OR "rtsp://" Stream = UDP Unicast Dimensions = 1280 x 720 The camera is a Panasonic AW-HE130 with the most recent firmware installed. No system changes other than the Watchout update have occurred. We experience the same result when testing with several other Panasonic cameras in the building. Thanks! Clint
  2. Hi all, I am using Watchout 6.2.1 and created a task with a media that playing network video using RTSP feed(UDP Unicast, enabled WATCHPAX Hardware Acceleration and applied frame blending). However, during the task is playing, if the RTSP feed source is killed and started again after around 15 seconds, the screen display still stays on the moment that the RTSP feed is killed without refreshing/reloading the feed(There is no error message in Watchout. I am not sure if Watchout knows that the source is missing. Also, I used VLC Player to check the RTSP feed has been restarted already). I need to kill the task and run the task again to make the feed playing normally. Is there any setting in Watchout that can reload or refresh the source(RTSP feed) constantly or automatically once it detects the source is missing? Or is there any method to solve this problem? Thanks! Regards,
  3. Hi all, I want to display the network video in Watchout production. I created a live555 rtsp server in the same computer and added a media in watchout with the corresponding rtsp link. I mapped the media in the task and started to run the task. However, I got the following error: From Network Video "xxxxx" of Media List, 2017-11-21 19:52:03 Rendering error: 2156; [Facility 34934] I am using Watchout Version 6.1.7b2 in windows 10 platform.I tried to play the rtsp video in VLC player and the video can be played. As I know Watchout support video encoding formats such as H.264 or MPEG-2, I tried .mp4(using VLC as a rtsp server) and .mpg(using live555 as a rtsp server) but still got the same error. May I know:1. is there any setting needed in watchout for displaying the network video? (My setup is same as the video described in http://forum.dataton.com/topic/586-add-network-video/and my rtsp path is "rtsp://ipaddress:8554/xxxx.mpg") 2. is there any requirement for the video to be stream? Is there any example video that I can test with? Thanks!
  4. Hello All Often times my company is hired to present large LED walls for large activations. We use Watchout to drive the wall. Our clients then will have a social media aggregate that can be customizable. These Social media apps are essentially web pages that could be built to the pixel size of the wall. Can I bring in a webpage as a media item if I take Watchout on to the internet? Is the Network video media item only for Streams? Cheers B
  5. Hello there, We have set up our own RTSP streaming server for server network video to WATCHOUT. When playing the same h264 encoded RTSP video, it works fine on VLC player, but when fed into the WATCHOUT it couldn't be played, and yet there isn't any error message displayed in the WATCHOUT MESSAGE window. Any suggestion that how can we fix it? Any special configuration needed on the server setting / codec setting? Thanks very much for the help. Cleave
  6. I am currently in the process of setting up a WATCHPAX unit to display two Network Video feeds from two separate PC sources using VLC Media Player's streaming functionality. I have successfully got the streams running on the unit, but after exactly 1 minute, the feeds freeze, and in order to start them up again I just skip to anywhere else on the timeline in Production. Has anyone else encountered this issue before and may be able to shed some light on where I might be making a mistake? My VLC Settings are as follows: Desktop Stream at 30FPS MPEG-2 256kb bitrate 640x360 (Transcoded on the PC) via RTSP. WATCHPAX settings: Unicast and Hardware Acceleration off and mirrored resolution settings. I can also confirm that playing the stream via another PC using VLC does not cause any issues. Your help will be greatly appreciated!
  7. Hi, I am doing some tests with the network video feature. I succeeded with showing a video which was I broadcast with VLC, with some codecs problems. Now, I am trying to show a video from a network camera, but I only have the IP address of it. Anyone knows how to configure a network camera with only IP address in the network video field? Thanks, Guy
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