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Found 11 results

  1. I just updated an old Win7 computer to Win10 pro, and went through the tweaking list. Have set a static IP, and can see that it still connects to internet - but when it boots up into Watchpoint, there is no IP number displayed and it is unreachable. Any suggestions?
  2. Hello, I am looking for advice and best practices when using Watchout on a mixed use network. I have full control over my segment of the network, which is on enterprise grade hardware (Meraki). The need for a mixed use network arises from a requirement for an NDI feed of a device logged into a video conference to be used in Watchout. Other than the obvious pitfalls of exposing show machines to internet (rogue windows updates, etc.), what other things should I be aware of? I don't have additional NICs available for the production or display machine to have a separate network for NDI, as I need to do this for an event in just over 48 hours. Thanks!
  3. Hello everybody. We ask for your valuable advice regarding network issues. The contents of the inquiry are related to the network connection between the production server and the display server. The location where the projector is installed is 100 meters away, and between them is a vehicle-only road. So it is a difficult environment to connect the network by wire. In this case, we would like to hear advice on network connectivity. I want to know if there is a wireless or other way. I would like to get some suggestions on how to do it. Of course, recommendations for networked equipment are also good. Thank you. network issue.pdf
  4. hi , i m facing one problem with watchout diplay cluster when i try to remote control with tcp .. i use c# to create a tcp client and connect to port 3039. it can connect but when i execute command , it return error 8.1 not authorized for the command .. any way to fix it ? previously i did use udp and it works .. but some how the udp message will combine if i send it very fast
  5. Hey All! I'm about to do a show that will utilize the Spikemark/Watchout integration for the first time. I would like to separate the automation network from watchout's media network. I do have 2 NICs on the production computers - will watchout listen on both? Can I set one to the same network as the other watchout machines and one to the automation network? Thanks in advance! Ido.
  6. Little Help Here, I have two production computers and two display computers. One is a primary and the other is a backup with watchout 5.3.1. When I first set up our system the production computer and display computer were able to be rebooted and automatically recognized the IP address. The production computer was able to recognizing the Display computer without going to Specification and testing the display IP address. We had the network go bad on the backup Display computer which is an onboard network. I installed a new network work card and set the IP address. The production computer and display worked properly. Its not until I reboot the display computer and production computer. The production computer and the display computer dont recognized each other until I physically test the IP address. Its there a setting that I miss that My backup system is not recognizing each other unless I test the IP address? I want it to reboot and automatically recognizing each other and start playing content. any help?
  7. Hi, Is it possible to set a watchpax 2 on 10Mbits without a manageable switch? We found a way, but after rebooting, it was set back to 100Mbits. maybe there is a que for the Autostart.txt? Any help is appreciated!
  8. Hi, I'm using somewhat of a different WO Master computer configuration and had an interesting experience today (WO 5.2.2, 64bit master, 32bit client). WO Master is using a Intel Pro network card which allows for different VLANs to be processed by the card. As the WO Master also runs Universe (show control) on a 2nd monitor it is talking in different networks using VLANs. All this is working fine - I also have the WO VLAN being top priority in Windows according to this http://forum.dataton.com/topic/668-routed-watchout/ thread. Now: as soon as I have a network (eg a VLAN without DHCP but also without manual IP address) that has a link-local address (169.254.x.x) address WO stops synchronizing between master and clients. As soon as I disable the virtual NIC WO works flawless again. What this means on the network side to my knowledge: The WO Master Windows decides where to put the traffic according to the assigned local IP addresses. IF there is an interface with available its sending traffic for an IP in that range down that network adapter (and not the WO adapter any more). As soon as I disable this interface traffic to this address should not be forwarded (its going to the gateway of the first adapter which is WO which is empty but anyway). Question (to Dataton or anybody else): is there any explanation what is happening in that link-local IP range so that its essential for WO to run? Any other ideas or explanations? Just curious.. :-) Thanks.
  9. Hi, We have a 2 +1 PC system with display 1 and display 2 PC and a remote control PC. The 2 display PC´s have identical (cloned) settings and they hold enough hardware to handle things ( x4 core processor, 16BG ram, External graphics card ). Both machines are connected to network, which includes those 2 display machines & remote control machine via a switch. Each PC has a unique IP address. We've done the Windows 7 tweaking list and have no other network cards etc. connected to the computers. Display PC´s are controlled with a Watchman/Simpleremote. Most of the times when the setup is started locally, everything goes just fine and smoothly and the 30 minute show loops all day without a problem. When accessed remotely the display 1 computer responds immediately and we can for example, skip the show 10 minutes forwards. Problem is that the display 2 computer doesn't recognize “the skip” and ends up running a different part of the show. Weird thing is that it sometimes everything works just fine and both computers reacts to remote access. The remote computer doesn´t have any problems, only the other display computer, which is listening the changes via network. The syncronization problem doesn´t correct by itself when display 2 computer is running and then only option is to restart both computers and hope for the best. We have changed the other display computer to a new one ( with same settings ), changed the switch, changed network cables. I even tried an external network card ( disabled the embedded one ) on the problematic computer but it didn´t help. When problem happens, network seems to be fine. For example you can ping from either computer to another with less than 1ms respond time. I can post more details if asked for. I just would like to know if somebody has an idea about this problem. Or if others have bumped in to similar problems. We are using the Watchout ver. 4.3
  10. I have 5 display Watchout 5,5 computers on a gigabit network, all running windows 7 64 bit, and tweaked from the guide here at the forum. The switch is a Netgear Prosafe JGS516, and the computers have Cat 7+ cables for connection. (overkill I know) When I upload files, I only get transfer rates on about 25-30MB per second. That is far from the 125MB the Gigabit network should provide. What is your experience from your systems? Is 30MB what we can expect? I have tried several other switches without any luck. So my next move is to try teaming 2 network adaptors and hopefully get twice the speed.
  11. Hi, I'm working on a production where they are thinking about triggering Watchout from a GrandMA 1 for their shows. They are already running a lot things on Artnet and since network is so convenient they would like to use Artnet instead of MSC. Now because they have a lot of artnet already going out on their lighting network I would rather keep that separate from the Watchout network. So is there a way to use 2 NICs on a production computer? 1 to talk to the display computers and one to monitor and send the artnet triggers to the Watchout Production software? Or Do I need a piece of software or hardware to transfer the information from one network to the other? Thank you.
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