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Found 3 results

  1. Hello, I find a bug of 6.3.1. it 's happed like this. I have a audio track wav file, it is free running and loop , and a pic fade out and pause cue between this audio track. when my pause cue just at the end of pic cue, the audio will pause too. if i just shift the pause cue a frame before or later. the audio will not pause. hope this useful for others thanks Du
  2. Hey ! I've been having this issue sometimes and it's, bugging me a lot.... I'have a buch of cues, all Freerun and loop, when the timeline comes to a pause cue the media will stutter not all of them but the ones that do it do it all the times... I run a 1920x1080 MPEG CBR 25 mbps file. It's seams that it's related to pre-roll or something of that sort... I'have pretty much tried all that i could like playing with the preroll from automatique to a preset and it's will just "move the problem". But if I pause using SPACEBAR it never doe's it... In the past what solved my problem was that I started a new show, imported all the medias and copied the cues from one shoe to another... We use the same machines and the same compression and about 20% of the time we get this. Any input will be appreciated ! Seb
  3. Hi I'm facing a problem, which is probably workflow/user generated. I create a new task with a live video input. I fade it up from zero to e.g. 1 second, and then pause it, with a Pause action in the timeline. When I continue playback, I have placed control cue, which makes the cursor jump to zero, and the pause. The problem is when the users open the show, all the tasks are set to stop, and I know it's done so, so none of the tasks contribute to the show. Until they are activated and played out. What we see is, that when you fade up a live video signal, and the timeline is set to "stop", the fade up flickers and lags, and sometime just jump to a 100%. Is there a method, e.g. starting the fade up one second later, so you don't experience these issues, when you start up a new show? I have to mention, that when it have played out the first time, the task is set to pause at zero, and then it works fine from there. Best regards Christian
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