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Found 5 results

  1. Hi Just discovered something weird, and I haven't been able to find anything in the documentation. I'm setting up a new show, and I'm including a browser panel created in Watchnet. I don't plan to use it with an Ipad, or any other mobile device, but as an extra control panel for one of the TV Directors on a PC. I discovered that when the Production machine is online, I can't control the cluster from my Watchnet panel. I have to put it offline, in order to get it working again. In my opinion that's a bug. So my question is, what limitations are there to external control of a cluster, regarding Watchout Production, Watchnet, Kinect etc.? And is there a way to work around these issues? Cheers Christian
  2. Hi All My WO Production machine has, for some unknown reason, ceased to play back audio. This is really annoying as it makes programming a real pain in the backside as I am having to push to displays to preview my audio. Media clips play fine in both media player and QT - at first I thought it was a driver issue with my Novatis AudioHub not being recognised as the default output (or something along those lines) so I tried switching to internal soundcard with the AudioHUB disconnected and the drivers removed. No dice. The machine has had production audio working with both the AudioHUB and using internal sound card ever since the image was built 2 years ago, with the only changes I am aware of being the upgrading of the WO software on board - this issue does not line up with an upgrade though... so I don't know what could have changed. Assistance would be most welcome.
  3. Does anyone know if the Display PC and Production PC be one in the same? If so will they need one or two licenses? Or do they need to be on separate systems that are networked together?
  4. Hello, I work for a video company in Argentina. We have WO 5.1. We recently did a mapping projection with 13 displays. We used 7 Display computers (2 outputs each) and a production computer. We projected 3 walls of an event conference room. The main project size was 12595px X 553px. We splited that main video in 7 parts according to the diferent blendings and wall sizes. At the same time, the main video lenght was 40 minutes separated in 8 five minutes parts. The 7 videos sizes were: 2 videos of 2662x417 splited in 2 parts of 1331x417 each. 3 videos of 1843x553. The codec (converted with Procoder 3) used was: - Mpeg2: .m2v - 25 fps - interlacing = lower field first - bitrate = 24.000 Audio: - 2 separate audio tracks WAV (16 bit, 44.100) Production computer and display computers: - Intel Core i7 3.07gHz - ram = 2gb - win 7 32 bit - Ati radeon HD 5670 - Windows 7 32 Bit Here is the issue. Each time we loaded a video in the timeline, the response speed of Watchout slowed a bit. When we completed loading all the videos in the WO project, everything became SO slow. I mean, when we press play, the video runs perfectly in all the displays but when we press the space bar to pause the playback it takes about 15 secs (or more) for the video to stop. If we wanted to move the cues of the timeline it also worked extremely slow. We rebooted all the computers, and reopened the project with same results. During the essays we pressed play and the video playback was ok until minute 35 (of 40) when the displays started to loose a bit of synchronization. To avoid this we inserted a pause and play cue in the middle of the video and that worked to avoid desynchronization. Yesterday i tried to do all the project again and tested performance. When i loaded about 4 videos of this kind in the timeline, i saw a bit of latency in the production computer to pause playback, resize cues, scroll the timeline, etc. I hope you can understand me (my English is not the best). If anyone see what things we are doing wrong or what could be our problem please answer this topic. Thanks in advance. Julián.
  5. Hi. Is it possible to have watchout 4 and watchout 5 installed on 1 machine? I need to build some shows in both and it's not super efficient to uninstall and reinstall every time. I will also potentially need to downgrade a show from watchout 5 to 4 and was wondering if I could copy paste timeline elements from 5 to 4. Thank you.
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