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Found 4 results

  1. Is there any plan to implement the Open Sound Control protocol in the near future to 1) control Watchout and 2) control other systems from Watchout? Also, is there a user manual available yet for WO6? All I can seem to find is the one for WO5.2
  2. Can Watchout send commands to both a cue server and AMX show control over ip? s there any kind of conflict to be aware of?
  3. I've wanted virtual midi keypad show control for a while. I wanted to assign channels, rename buttons, theme actions by color, etc. Basically, I wanted a show control I could customize for each show that would output a midi signal Watchout Production could understand and output to my display machines. Well, after a morning of hunting and testing, I think I found a pairing that does the trick. So, for those of you without a midi show controller OR who have been looking for a virtual solution, here is one that is currently working for me: LoopBe1 – Virtual Midi Driver $14 Commercial (Free for Personal Use / Testing) http://www.nerds.de/en/download.html AVD “Midi Buttons” – Configurable Midi Controller Keypad https://www.audiovisualdevices.com.au/software/midibuttons/index.php Free for Personal and Commercial use. Install LoopBe1 and it will create a virtual midi device on your computer that essentially listens for a midi show controller to send it information. Then, just open Midi Buttons and start configuring your cues. It definitely takes some configuration but, it does work and really breaks you out of Watchout's "Task" window. Here was a button configuration that worked for me inside of Watchout: (ensure you set Output1 to LoopBe and set it to Active in the configuration window) Press: Note On Channel: 1 Note: 2 Velocity: 1 Output: 1 Press / Release Release: Note Off (all other details same as above) Add a new Midi Note Input and have it "learn" that button. You should see channel 1 and note 2 listed. Now, assign the input to a task and watch it work. I tested this on a Windows 7 machine running WO 5.5. There are obvious drawbacks like not having sliders or being able to halt aux timelines with the stop button in the WO task window but, I get a fullscreen show control to customize that could even work on a touchscreen monitor if configured correctly.
  4. These are the settings that we always set up in the IOS or EON family of ETC lighting desks for successful Midi Show Control (MSC) of Watchout. SMPTE Time Code RX - Enabled MIDI Time Code RX - Enabled Resync Frames - 2 MSC Receive - Disabled (Unless you want to receive MSC from another device, but Watchout doesn't send MSC) NSC Receive Channel - 0 ACN MIDI RX ID - 1 MSC Transmit - Enabled MSC Transmit Channel - 0 ACN MIDI TX ID - 1 (Or whatever you have your device ID set to in Watchout.) Analog Input - Enabled Relay Output - Enabled Serial Enable - Enabled Serial Group ID - 1 A key setting to pay attention to is the TX ID. This is the device ID and it must match the device ID set in Watchout. After all of this is set, you should be able to just set your Control Cues to match the numbers of the cue stack in the lighting desk, and be successfully tracking Midi Show Control. Hope this is helpful.
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