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Found 2 results

  1. Hi My company is looking into taking an Rtsp or Rtmp 360 video stream and re mapping it to watch out to display on four walls of a room The stream is 4K We would map it to 4 1080p screens Is the Dynamic image server the right method? How to import the stream? Any and all advice appreciated
  2. I am currently in the process of setting up a WATCHPAX unit to display two Network Video feeds from two separate PC sources using VLC Media Player's streaming functionality. I have successfully got the streams running on the unit, but after exactly 1 minute, the feeds freeze, and in order to start them up again I just skip to anywhere else on the timeline in Production. Has anyone else encountered this issue before and may be able to shed some light on where I might be making a mistake? My VLC Settings are as follows: Desktop Stream at 30FPS MPEG-2 256kb bitrate 640x360 (Transcoded on the PC) via RTSP. WATCHPAX settings: Unicast and Hardware Acceleration off and mirrored resolution settings. I can also confirm that playing the stream via another PC using VLC does not cause any issues. Your help will be greatly appreciated!
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